Lavender Tea & Pretty Dresses

Illustration Inspiration: Pretty Dresses at Ra Ra Superstar 
Water colour and digital illustration by me!

Lavender Iced Tea
The weather is getting warmer, the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air and listening to all of your neighbours splashing and laughing with glee in their pools, while you sweat it out is just not cool. This lovely refreshing Lavender iced tea will make you feel as cool as a cucumber as you sit by the fan and embrace summer with elegance and grace.  

1L Boiled Water
A pinch of fresh lavender OR a small teaspoon of dried lavender
2 Black Teabags 
Honey to taste 
Sliced lemon & ice to garnish

Pick some fresh lavender from your mothers garden (or dried lavender from the store). 

In a glass jug add 2 black teabags with a light sprinkling of lavender flowers. Be careful to only use a small amount of lavender to avoid the taste of drinking from a perfume bottle. 

Add the boiled water and let the tea bags brew for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and add a heaped table spoon of honey for a sweet tea or less to taste. 

Once cool add ice and sliced lemon to the jug and pour into cute retro glasses like your granny used to have. For a naughty variation add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to your glass. 

If you are an impatient iced tea drinker like me; speed up the process by making a condensed version of this with only 1/2 a cup of boiled water and then fill the jug with cold water and ice. Instant iced tea. 

Lavender Iced Tea Lavender Iced Tea Lavender Iced Tea Lavender Iced Tea
Glasses and Jug from my local op shop. 

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