Be an Earth Mother


A few days ago my dad told me that I would end up being an "earth mother".
And I think that is true. And I think that it was the greatest compliment ever.
I still have a long way to go in terms of loving the earth and caring for my body, but it's something I feel very strongly about. I think about my choices and how they impact the environment.

Lifestyle choices that are important to me:

1. Using skin, hair and beauty products that are free from chemicals.
I use Mutki body, hair and face products at the moment, which smell beautiful and are completely chemical free. And coconut oil. Coconut oil is amazing for everything. I put coconut oil on my skin after my shower at night and I wake up my skin feels smooth and plump and not dry or oily at all!  I also use it in my hair as a hair treatment about half an hour before I wash it - my hair feels soooo much better. Read more about coconut oil - it has a million uses.
Eco Mom - Learn what your skin is eating
[Source: ecomom ]

2. Buying food that is free from preservatives, artificial flavours and processing. Eating ethically,  organic food and supporting local markets.
Buying the right kind of food is really hard work when it is so much more convenient to not care.
I read everything before buying. The best thing I eat every day is breakfast: muesli free from preservatives and artificial flavourings and sulphates, almond milk,  chia seeds and some fresh fruit. I'm still working on lunch and dinner. The hardest thing for me is meat - I feel a strong need to eat meat, but I don't feel good about where it comes from. I care about where the meat comes from and how it has been treated and killed.
Rohan from Whole Larder Love sums things up very well in this post: Life is death is life.
whole larder love - where meat comes from

3. Growing my own edible garden
At the moment i only have herbs and some budding yellow zucchini, but I'm so thrilled to walk down the back of my steps and pick my own produce for dinner.
Veggie Patch Co have two amazing books that I would like to get a hold of...

4. Supporting small local businesses, designers, hand-made and sustainable products:
Why consume mass produced garbage when you support your local business. Mostly out of poverty, I have been buying more 2nd hand fashion lately - but loving the feeling I get from giving the clothes another life.

5. Being kind to myself and looking after my body
I find it is so important for me to get some exercise and the right amount of sleep, or my body pays for it in sickness and anxiety. Today I went for a bike ride and tonight I am drinking a dandelion tea and will hop in a nice bath of epson salts and lavender oil before cooking dinner.

Out of convenience and ignorance I still make a lot of wrong choices and contradictions, but I think it is crucial to gain knowledge and make a conscious effort to treat the environment and yourself with respect and love.

Books that I'm after at the moment:
1. Lunch Box Revolution
2. Whole Larder Love - Rohan Anderson
3. Jamie's 15 minute meals
4. Find & Keep - Beci Orpin
5. My Abuela's Table - Daniella Germain
6. The Little Veggie Patch Co - How to grow food in small spaces
7. The Little Veggie Patch Co - Backyard Farming

I was lucky enough to meet the softest bunny ever on the weekend. bunny

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Sara Fonseca said...

Hey Emily! If you're into gardening here's a great recommendation: http://www.greenharvest.com.au/

These guys sell organic seeds and pest control and are very local! Their website is very informative and has great tips for growing things in our Queensland weather.

They have some great books as well :-) We have some seedlings now which are growing really nicely! Soon will add capsicum, eggplant, beans and tomatoes added to our balcony crop...