Are you out there?

I need work.
Full- Time, One day a week, Internship, Contract, Casual. Anything to get me started.
I want design work,  illustration work, photography work, animation work, video editing work.
Working with a creative company, in a creative environment, in a creative team.

I need a life change.
Can anyone hear me?  Are you out there?

I have a new portfolio website with all of my illustration, design and photography work  on show:
Emily's Portfolio Website

Employ Emily Nelson

I had a few escapes recently, which felt magical.

A trip to Caloundra Music Festival - morning swims at the beach, afternoons and evenings spent listening to music and a big catch up on LOTS of sleep.
Me playing with an old lens at the beach below:
jump01 perfectwater perfectwater2

And my birthday on Thursday - which I dedicated a whole day to self indulgence and relaxation.
I had a beautiful white chocolate and raspberry cake that I ordered from the lovely Lauren Tregenza and her business Flame Tree.
cake birthday02

October Love:
My full moon clock - so that it will remind me I am staying up too late when it's in the early AMs

Glitter nail polish - always makes me happy (but makes me look like a 7yr old)

Possums in the tree outside my studio! Oh Hello Possums.
treepossum treepossum2 treepossum8

My new mint green Golden Ponies that I bought at The Happy Cabin
Golden Ponies shoes

Two new snuggly fluffy fox cushions from a snuggly fella I know.

Mukti Botanicals - Chemical free, Australian made and owned, not tested on animals, certified organic skin care. BAM!

This dress: YO VINTAGE

I would like to try this Food and Wine School
Cooking classes at Golden Pig [Img via: The Golden Pig | Food & Wine School website ]

White with three - has just opened an etsy store with a range of beautifully designed new prints!
White with three etsy

This is a particularly pretty Tumblr to check out:

Instagram!! My old phone died and made way for a technology catch up.
I'm obsessed with documenting, tweeting and instagramming everything I do.
Find me on Instagram @emilynelsonart

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Anonymous said...

Emily! Nice website. You've been very busy!

Good luck on the job front--I am hoping to make the leap soon and leave behind my cafe. x