Post Exhibition

We need a post exhibition debrief.
Last night I had an exhibition of my new work as part of the RAW:Brisbane showcase at Oh Hello in Brisbane.  I had my own little space to set up and was given a fence to display my art on.
Thank you to everyone that came along and supported me on the night and to any one who took the time to stop and have a look at my work! :)   It felt really good to create this body of work.

I created a "Spring Collection" for the event.
Hand painted bunting with water colour spring patterns
Colourful star lights
A card stand filled with my range of greeting cards
water colour & pencil
flora and fauna
homely loves
Heart felt messages

My current inspirations need to be acknowledged: Lizzy Stewart, Charlotte Trounce, Leah Goren, Anke Weckmann and Kelly Thompson.

Ok be prepared to have your eyes filled with multiple images of my new artwork.... haha

Oh! And I got a new hair cut for the event. It feels sooooo good to have fresh hair.

prep12 exhibition1 exhibition2 exhibition3 exhibition4 exhibition5 exhibition6 exhibition7 prep1 prep2 prep3

Playing with an old lens from a recently discovered/remembered family SLR camera. It is exciting because the old lens works with my DSLR and my new lenses work my the old SLR. Lots of fun to play with.

"I love my little home"
prep4 prep5 prep6 prep7 prep8 prep9 prep11
I like to draw a rough mock up before I work on the final piece.
prep14 prep15

 The post exhibition aftermath... post1 post2 post3 post4

Birds in Love

You are Loved - SOLD

Be true to your self

Mysterious Night Bird - SOLD

Have Courage

I love my little home

Flora & Fauna (separate or as a set)

You are my home

Tea for me

Fantastic Fox

Rose-tinted glasses
post15  post16

If you missed out on the exhibition I will have one of each print available on my online store and a few original artworks.

If you have any inquiries about work for sale get in touch on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emily-Nelson-Art/151941871500030

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