Spring Change

First of all you may have noticed things look a little different around here.  Well, I'm really sick of my old blog title!! And I like the new concept - but not really how it looks yet.  This blog needs a serious make over.  At least the current title image gives me some relief from looking at the old one.
A Spring change is in the air and these lovely warm days are putting a big smile on my face. The tree outside my window is getting some fresh spring shoots.
spring2 spring3 spring1

Here is a little sneak peak at some of the work I've been up to lately. 35 Illustrations down - 15 to go!
sneakpeak4 sneakpeak1 sneakpeak2 sneakpeak3 sneakpeak5

I have also decided to change things up a little in my daily routine.  I have been working so hard, with such long hours at the computer illustrating and suffering hand cramps and back and neck pain and running on little sleep.  The hours go by with me even forgetting to get up to eat or even move around.
After brain washing myself with this website:  Wellness Warrior  
I decided that I badly needed to start looking after my physical and mental health before I run myself down!  (Note: I fully endorse a lot of things on this website, but think that Coconut oil being an effective sunscreen is silly)

1. I have started eating Chia Seeds every morning.  Why?  Because they are apparently full of calcium, protein, Omega 3, fibre etc...
2. I have started drinking almond milk - because I have a dairy allergy and have read some bad things about Soy milk lately and almond milk has lots of calcium. And I'm addicted to its deliciousness!
3. I am trying to cut back on my sugar dependency (I made Fig and Ginger cookies yesterday - who am I kidding?)
4. I am going to try place some more importance on sleep.
5. I am thinking about buying some Mutki organic skin care products because I am worried about all of the chemicals in my current ones.
6. I did my first Hot Yoga class this morning. I bought a 3 class pass to get myself back into some exercise. It felt reallly good getting my body and mind into line - and sweating so much!  (At the 45 min point I was like - holy crap it's so hot I'm going to pass out - but then the last 15 mins were good)
7. Coconut oil also seems to be important - (whatever, this one might be a fad - but I'm going to experiment with like... rubbing it on my skin as a moisturiser and cooking things in it instead of olive oil for a bit. hahaha )
8. I'm eating a lot more fruit throughout the day. Fruit is good. (Pears, Red Pawpaw and Gooseberries are my favourites at the moment)

This week I've also been fantasising about studying again. I want to study Textile Design, Photography and Journalism. haha. Shut up - I can dream!  I'm also planning on doing some Harvest Textile screen printing workshops when I visit melbourne next.
Harvest Workroom Screen printing

I'm Dreaming of an Italian holiday to Capri.

I like this little photography blog featuring creatives in their spaces: Eefje De Coninck

Finally - I would like to invite you to my exhibition!
exhibition Emily Nelson

RAW : Brisbane Showcase
I will be exhibiting new original artwork and will also have some new framed prints that have not been available before.

Time: Come any time between 7.30-12AM - Wed 26th Sept.
Make sure you pre-purchase tickets ($15) as the event does sell out and you could be stuck in a very big line at the door otherwise!
Venue: Oh Hello! (2 doors up from Cloudland)
[621 Ann St, Fortitude Valley]
18+ Venue

Exhibition Showcase of Local Talent featuring: Art, Performing Art, Film, Music, Fashion, Hair & Makeup. One Night Only.
There will be art work exhibited on the walls, with a fashion parade commencing at 8.30, as well as performing art, music and a film screening.

Would love to celebrate finishing a TONNE of work and have a drink with you! :)

See my feature page below and purchase a ticket:

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