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Apologies for not blogging last weekend: I got really rundown and sick, which was just in time for the busiest and funnest week that I have been anticipating for quite some time... Luckily I got through most of it!  Some more really busy weeks to come - I'm looking forward to a good rest in a few weeks.

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moonrise kingdom french poster
I have been waiting to see this film for about a year now with such intense anticipation that I saw it twice.  It is heartfelt and playful. I love the flow of the shots, the pauses, the cuts, the play-like scripting. Everything about this film is so wonderful.   
Animations inspired by Suzy's books that she reads out loud on her adventure: 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival
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I was super excited to get the experience of taking some photos of the runway for The Weekend Edition.  It was a little intimidating next to all of the pros with my semi-pro equipment and amateur approach!  But it was so fun to play and experiment and so so exciting.

Kirra Jamison - Locomotor exhibition at Jan Murphy Gallery.
Kirra Jamison Locomotor Exhibit
I have been very excited to see this exhibit and haven't had a chance to go yet. Make sure you check it out before September 22.

Semi Permanent Design Conference
Some of my favourite speakers for the day were Beci Orpin, Bec Winnel, Beastman and Andrew Quilty.
One common theme I noticed throughout the conference was that creatives are restless. They need variety. This restlessness drove the speakers to become multi-skilled, gave them a thirst for learning and experimenting and working on a range of projects. I think it is this restlessness that drives all creative's to seek an alternative lifestyle that opposes "the day job".

I also noticed that all of the speakers were obsessed with a particular theme and subject matter. The all developed distinctive and recognisable styles and it was amazing to see the transformation of their work before it reached this point.  It almost seemed like their work at a certain point suddenly blossomed into a style and into success. Maybe it's the consistent style and subject matter featured in each of these speakers bodies of work that makes them memorable and sought after.

 Just my thoughts.

Advice that I took from Beastman:
Thumb nail sketches!  DIY approach + collaborations. He organised his own exhibitions. (See Erin, organising an exhibition at your home is a great idea). Through collaborating with others he could get more opportunities and was able to be a mural painter.

Some advice from Beci Orpin.
1. Learn to design away from the computer
2. Get involved with things that you love. (ie. if you have 4 jobs - make sure they are all involved with things you love. She worked in a bookstore, did screen printing, freelance design etc etc)
3. In the start - say yes to everything. Do as much as you can. (Even if the pay isn't favourable)
4. Travel (and while you are there make an effort to spread your work internationally)
5. Get some business skills or advice (or marry someone who does)
6. Go above and beyond. (The more you work, the busier you are, the better your work will be)
7. Keep trying new things (Pretend to know how to do something you don't)
8. Be flexible, but stay true to yourself. (If you are flexible with your style and the type of work you do - you can get more work. )
9. Working from home can be a necessary evil. (Working from home means Beci can be around her children and work while they are at school or asleep at night)
10. Be Nice
11. Work Hard - often

Advice from Bec Winnel:
Submit your work online to all sorts of online communities, portfolio sites etc
Submit your work to competitions and exhibitions
Be an internet slut - all social media, blogs etc...  Get your work everywhere!
Ask others to look at your folio
Look for Role Models
Create dreams

Advice from Andrew Quilty:
Take your camera everywhere
Take photos/be present at events that you think will be notable  (ie. Andrew took his camera to the Cronulla Riots and captured amazing shots that he was able to sell to different publications)
It is your duty as a photographer to document events
Make meetings to show your work
He also inspired me to use film more!

Day trip to Noosa:
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(Above: Barksdale Brass Band)

A little treat for myself !
Dawn Tan - Ice cream cushion love. It is very nice to cuddle and pretend to lick.
Dawn Tan Icecream Cushion
(Modelled by my sister Lucinda)  Icream Softies available at Dawn Tan's Online Shop.

I wish I had some drawings to show - but I have to keep them secret at the moment.

Also, Happy Fathers Day Dad!

Remember to keep the date free on September 26 for my exhibition! 

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