Sneak Peek September

I have been as busy as can be. Things like eating a proper meal or taking the rubbish and recycling to the bins or emptying the dishwasher seem like great life accomplishments.  Lets not even talk about the sea of clothes on my floor and couch - aka my new wardrobe.

But this also means that lots of exciting things are happening: Still working hard on some illustrations for a secret book, AND creating some new personal work for an exhibition on Wednesday 26th September.
Sneak Peek...
sneakpeek sneekpeek2 sneekpeek3 invitation 
I would like to invite you to my exhibition.
One night to showcase a range of Brisbane artists, photographers, performing artists, musicians, fashion designers, stylists and film makers.
When: Wednesday 26th September
Where: Oh Hello, [621 Ann St, Fortitude Valley]
Important:  You need to pre-purchase tickets to this event!  Tickets cost $15 each.
Anyone that buys a ticket supporting me as an artist will go into a drawer to win a Free Print on the night.

I'm lusting over travel so badly. I want to set off on adventures across the world.
How about an Icelandic road trip?  I have always wanted to go to Iceland and this travel diary is making my heart cry out for more!
Big Bang Studio Icelandic Roadtrip

Hot Yoga is going well. I think I'm going to keep it up. It makes me feel really good. I've never really gotten into Yoga before and have tried it a few times and never feel like it does much. But HOT Yoga makes your whole body feel like it's had a work out. It's the best. On par with swimming (which is my other form of exercise).

Wrap Magazine. New favourite illustration/Design blog/Magazine obsession.
Everything in this blog/magazine is wonderful. !! !!
Wrap Magazine
Cover illustration by Katie Scott.

These Chai Spiced Blondies, from Raspberri Cupcakes, look pretty freaking amazing!
I'm too busy to make them - so someone needs to make them for me!  A Dairy free version too please.
Raspberri Cupcakes Spiced Blondie

As a side note: whenever I have a shower I always open my mouth and let the water run in and it makes me feel like a whale. It makes me think of when I was a little kid and I watched the movie Free Willy and they had to spray water into his mouth to keep him hydrated/wet. free willy

Here is one of my favourite photos that I took of Ball Park Music at BIGSOUND Live on Wednesday night. More photos from the night @ The Weekend Edition.

Lastly- highly recommend a visit to the Prado exhibition -  Up Late at QAG.
My delicious paella that I ate in the sculpture garden whilst being serenaded by Flamenco Guitar music.
Best place to have a drink with a friend - little sneaky wine at the end of the night with the lovely Erin.
prado1 prado2

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