Cabin Fever

I was featured on a lovely blog called OTIS & OTTO this week: Here is the post.
It is a very minimalistic and simple design blog and a great blog to visit regularly for a little aesthetic pop in your day.

I have cabin fever this weekend. I'm sick of being cooped up in the house, I'm restless for adventure and longing for some interaction with the outside world. I need to make sure that I see my friends and tell them that they are important to me and that I haven't forgotten them. And I definitely need to go outside and exercise, I think it would help me to focus on my work if I got rid of some excess energy. Do you have a method for time management/ balance?

My cabin fever has induced an intense urge to spend money on things! I think it is that instant gratification feeling when you purchase something. However, I would like to save up for an overseas adventure in the future, so I'm resisting temptation.

Here are my current wish lists for August:
My August Wishlist
Top (from left): Dakota Silky Aiko printed dress - Urban Outfitters, Kimchi Blue Lace Love Top - Urban Outfitters, Pins and Needles Striped Maxi Dress - Urban Outfitters
Middle: Pique` Full Woven Skirt in French Blue - American Apparel, Chiffon Pleated Skirt in Lagoon - American Apparel,  Printed Rayon Full Length Skirt - American Apparel
Bottom: Lace Cap Sleeve top in Orchid -  American Apparel,  Pinchusion Tank - Gorman, Chloe Triple Strap Flats in Mint Green - Golden Ponies and Pupa Bag with Leather Tassle Golden Ponies

My August Wishlist #2
Row 1: My Abuela's table by Daniella Germain, Conversations with Creative Women, Sweetie! 50 Delectable Sweets, by Daniella Germain
Row 2: UV, Neutral Density and Circular Polarizer filters, Nikon Coolpix Waterproof and Shock resistant camera
Row 3: Canon Macro Ring Lite Flash , Nikon FM10 35mm SLR Camera (to play with)
Row 4. Dior Addict The add campaign (extended version here) worked so well on me - isn't  Daphne Groeneveld gorgeous?! and some more water colours from Amazon 

This Pomeranian... is featured in my blog too often. pom7 pom4 pom3 pom5

One of my favourite illustrators Becca Stadtlander has a shop feature and interview on Etsy.
See her Etsy Shop Becca Stadtlander Etsy Shop Feature
[Photograph by Becca Stadtlander featured in The Etsy Blog]

Will it blend: Metal Spoon
No, it will not blend. It will explode a hole through the side of your blender causing a lava eruption of strawberry and banana smoothie all over yourself and kitchen. b1 b2

A gig poster I illustrated for the Shane Hannan Quintet Shane Hannan quintet

I would love to reveal some more illustration work to you - but it's all under wraps for the time being!

My kindred spirit sister Erin Ward and I used to live in a disgustingly messy share house together a few years ago and we also shared a market stall together at Suitcase Rummage. We made badges together for the markets and sold prints and original artwork. During this time we drank lots of tea, ate lots of ice cream & cookies together and made art together. I watched Erin paint 10m long dragon lanterns, animate forests in sand, create a paper mache pig, invent cloud necklaces, decorate her room spectacularly, and illustrate beautiful artworks with beautiful curvy women, sea creatures and magical imagery. I'm particularly in love with the amazing line work in Erin's drawings.  Erin does not give herself enough credit for her bottomless talent and I'm so happy to see her being creative again and voicing her strong and determined opinions on her blog. It's just starting out, so keep an eye on this space and watch Erin's process and her artwork evolve.  http://erinmichelleward.blogspot.com.au/

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