I love dogs.

This weekend I wanted to write a blog post dedicated to dogs.
I have noticed lately how important pets are to creatives, they are supportive companions by our side in the wee hours of the night and the days you don’t feel like getting up, they encourage us on the bad days with just a look or a lick and their character inspires us, lifts our mood and even brings a calming effect.
I know there are a lot of cat lovers out there -  but today I would like to focus on dogs because they are my favourite!

Meet the dogs in the scene:

Meet Aflie - friend and mascot to Jessica Barty and her vintage store Sunday Social

Alfie had a bit of a rough start to his life, but was adopted by Jess when he was 6 months old.
Now he is living life in the fast lane as a fashionista, model and mascot for Sunday Social
Alfie is loving life living at the beach and also pops into Sunday Social in the city sometimes for a visit (if you are lucky you might see him there). His favourite food is roast chicken and a sneaky sip of milky warm tea! He loves going for a swim at the beach (not too deep of course) and enjoys sun baking. Check out the press photo above - what a little star!
Alfie was adopted from an animal shelter, 4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc. You can see him attending their fund raiser above in a dashing scarf. If you are wanting to get a doggy or look after one for a little while as a foster carer get in touch here: 

Meet Poppy - the Italian Greyhound and BFF of photographer Jacinta Moore
Untitled Untitled not quite Untitled
Poppy is an Italian Greyhound and was adopted by Jacinta in 2009. Poppy is a comic genius and is featured often on Jacinta Moore's blog. She is the star in some of Jacinta's amazing photography. I hear from my source that Poppy is girlfriend to 
Jeremy Wortsman's dog Levi, who is featured below.

Meet Scout - chaser of rainbows and doggy companion to artist Belinda Suzette
scout01 scout03scout02
Scout makes the cutest sound when she yawns, gets a kick out of chasing and conquering shadows, lights and rainbows which makes simple things like a walk down the street or turning on a light interesting for Scout and Belinda. 
Scout is afraid of party balloons AND hot air balloons and barks at them persistently. She also tries to chase trains and sucks on her toy sloth when it’s bedtime.  Whenever Belinda sings “Faith” by Wham, Scout tries to attack her. (Fair enough!)

 Scout’s favourite things include Pappa Pat and Belinda, her toy sloth and toy Kong, chasing trains, rainbows, lamb shanks and marrow bones.

Scout can be a bit of a distraction for Belinda when she is busy being creative, however she has inspired Belinda to create a series of works based on her.

Belinda is currently coordinating a Suitcase Rummage in Melbourne and helping the Brisbane girls to get it started up in Melbourne. 
Here is some info about the event:
Next Melbourne Suitcase Rummage on July 29th 11am-5pm, Thornbury Theatre, Free entry. 
If you would like to register to sell your own wares from your suitcase cost = $25

Also, have a look at Belinda's artworkk here: (Isn't she amazing!)

Meet Honey and Rio - 4yr old miniature dachshunds of graphic designer/white with three blogger Kimmy Hogan 

Honey and Rio are 4yr old miniature dachshunds. What a pair! They have recently relocated from the tropics to Melbourne and are adjusting to lifestyle well with Kimmy and her husband, accompanying them for coffee in St Kilda on the weekends. They are both super cuddly and love to sleep on a lap whenever possible. Kimmy told me a cute little habit of Honey and Rio, where they like to tuck their heads in under her arm to wriggle in for a good cuddle. How cute!! 

Meet Pommy - my best buddy
Pommy – is our family dog, we visit each other often as we only live a few streets away from each other. I used to live with him, but since moving to a rental property he’s not supposed to stay over. (though has sneaky visits and sleep overs) 
Here is my Pommy tea party series. I often fantasise about pommy visiting me for a tea party and having a conversation with me.
pommy5 pommy4 pommy3 pommy2 pommy1

Some other dog reading:

Old Brand New does a feature called Sunday with Beatrice that is really cute!

Dog inside – a 
tumblr blog featuring dogs and interiors, side project of Hannah from Banana Meet Cute 
Dogs inside by BananaMeetCute

The Burning house – a blog on what you would take if your house was on fire.
the burning house
img from:

A MrBlanc and Four and Sons.com collaboration with photos of The Jacky Winter group and Chase and Galley studios with their 4 legged friends.
photos by Cory White
Meet Levi, Alfie and Billie (Studio buddies to 
 Jacky Winter group and Chase and Galley ) 
Also, see Jeremy Wortsman and his dog Levi below.
MrBlanc photos by Cory White MrBlanc photos by Cory White
Read more from the article here: Strength in Numbers: The Compound Interest. A Four and Sons.com collaboration

How much is that doggy in the window? (um... yes I just made this caption)
Tales from the fishbowl is a book of photography by Rachel Bellinsky of local pets staring out from behind windows.  Read an article about it here.

Studio Morran – a heartfelt blog about dog owner Camilla Engman and her dog Morran, but a lovely book made all about Morran.

A silly video:

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