Blog holiday

Last week I took a blog holiday... and this week I bring holiday to the blog!
I needed a break from the blog last week. My time management was all out of wack! Between my work hours changing, photography adventures for The Weekend Edition and an exciting illustration commission, as well as a million and one distractions... I have been very busy!  It's hard to find a balance. My new work hours should mean that I have proper weekends again though, and more time for freelance work!
A sneak peak:
watercolours2 watercolours

This dreary weather lately has made me decide that I need to invite more colour, sparkle, sunshine and travel into my life. I need colourful legs & sparkly nails.
Below: Polkadot, rust and plum tights from Forever New and Floral Jeans from Princess Polly.
Leopard print "Sheba" shoes from Betts Kids (I have tiny feet)
Silver nail polish from Sportsgirl
tights shoes pipe nails01 nails02 bottles

I went to the opening of the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition on Friday night at QUT Art Gallery.
Highly recommend going - beautiful exhibition, so modern for it's time, pop-art love, colour, texture, pattern love. Go!

I have been reading 'Eat, Pray, Love' ($2.50 find at Life Line Bookfest) whenever I catch public transport, which is about 10 times a week. I've heard less than positive reviews about the movie, but I'm really enjoying the book. Yes, it is very rambley and self absorbed in ways - but I am loving reading about the travel and finding inner balance and spirituality. There are parts where I roll my eyes, but parts that inspire me to travel, indulge, meditate and bring positive energy into my life. I like the part of it that says, take chances, make opportunities for happiness.
"Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert

Lately I'm constantly thinking of summery holiday destinations lately. Italy, Portugal, Spain, Cuba, Indonesia, New Caledonia, South America!!!
Inspirational images of tropical summery locations:
white with three is travelling South America at the moment - her travel pics are making me stew with jealously.
white with three - Amazon jungle Peru
Lava pool in Madeira, Portugal
lava pool in Madeira, Portugal
Citta del Mare Hotel, Sicily Citta del Mare Hotel, Sicily
Panchoran retreat in Ubud, Bali
Panchoran retreat in Ubud, Bali
The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar Rock Restaurant Zanzibar
Cinque Terra by Jacinta Moore on her blog BawkBawkBawk cinque terra by Jacinta Moore on bawkbawkbawk

Also, some amazing travel destination photos in Heaven on Earth Pinterest

Blog of the week:
Please go and have a look at my good friend Simon Tapson's Tumblr Blog: PULP Reverie - Pop Culture, Art, Movies + Music... with occasional Pugs.  Simon also contributes to the collective blog: STRUTTEN 

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