Cushions, winter drives and pie!

I have a very busy weekend - with lots of work to be done. Which is good!! I have been busy taking photos for The Weekend Edition's Captured section lately. This means that my weekends are a bit fuller, but I am visiting lots of great events that I would usually be too lazy to attend. This weekend I have been to the Winn Lane Yard Sale and the Lethbridge gallery art prize exhibition opening (worth a look). Also, I'm working on an exciting new illustration project - which I wont be able to share with you just yet...

Things I enjoyed this weekend:
Sunny Winter Drives
winterdrive1 winterdrive2 winterdrive3 winterdrive4

Stage Lighting (with Chukale) stagelighting stagelighting2 stagelighting3

Also, I'm not sure if you are aware, but I have a cushion obsession. I don't actually buy cushions, I just obsess over them and THINK about buying them. Here are some on my current cushion wish list:
1.  Ogilvy cushion and Mog Cushion by Donna Wilson
2. 50/50 Palms cushion by Blacklist Studio Prints
3. Meow Face Cat Cushion by Beneath The Sun
4. Totem Collection Cushions by Harvest Textiles

Also, I am VERY excited by the delivery of pie and macaroons this Monday. In order to support her budding baking business and her love for ballet Lauren Tregenza has created the event 'Baking for Ballet' Pie Drive. I have ordered a 'Winter is Coming' pie (Chocolate, cherry & meringue) and some cinnamon spiced macaroons. Have a look at Lauren's Game of Thrones themed pies (follow this link for more pics) :
Lauren Tregenza Game of Thrones Pie

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Lauren said...

Thanks for the shout out Emily! xoxo