Commence Hibernation

It's winter time! Yes I know I live in Queensland and the coldest it gets is about 10degrees. But I also live in a Queenslander, which is not designed to keep the warmth in. It feels a bit like camping. :)

I hate the cold and I dream of tropical a tropical lifestyle in a tropical destination, doing tropical things.
Tropical things could include: drinking mojitos, eating icecream, laying on the beach, dancing lobsters, wearing a tropical fruit hat, and soaking up the warm sun like a lizard.

Things I do enjoy in "winter":
Scarves, hot chocolate, marshmallow roasting, fires, cider, snuggling, blankets, sleeping, tea, leggings, socks, cuddling, being spooned, fluffy cuddly dogs, being indoors, hibernating, loooong hot showers or baths, lavender body wash, curry, pie, ginger, spices and anything chocolatey.
Winter can only be good if there is snow and central heating.
winter01 winter02 winter04 winter06 winter05 winter08 winter09 winter10 winter13 winter14 winter15

This is my new favourite recipe website, TasteSpotting, set to my favourite search setting: hot + chocolate
TasteSpotting Hot Chocolate

I have amalgamated a few recipes together to create an Emily experimental dairy free hot chocolate:
Cook in a saucepan:
Good heaped taplespoon (or more to taste) of Brown sugar
2 table spoons of good quality cocoa powder
2 cups Almond milk (add a little at a time until the mixture is smooth - and then add the rest of the milk)
Add cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, and if you want it spicier add some chilli powder
Stir and let thicken a little over the heat - but don't let it boil
Drink with or without marshmallows!
Hot Chocolate
As being sampled by my sister - post dancing dress rehearsal winter11

My new favourite favourite photography blog: Mocking Bird 
Has a really great segment called "What's in your kit?"
Alice Gao Kit via Mocking Bird
Alice Gao's Kit via Mocking Bird 

Interviews with photographers and descriptions of the cameras, lenses and tips they use for photographing their work.  It has been very inspiring for me to read and has given me some great ideas for equipment that I would like to buy and techniques that I would like to try.
Here is an interview with Olga Bennet (you might have seen her work in  Frankie Magazine, Smith Journal or Peppermint Magazine).  Olga has created a beautiful book, which I would love to own, called Environments - documenting studio spaces around Melbourne.
Environments book by Olga Bennett
Environments book photo via Olga Bennett's website.

Pomeranian Sleepover - my couch in the morning light...
( he was actually sitting in this pose already)pom01

La Boite Theatre - Indie Season bar at The Truth About Kookaburras  and my obsession with photographing glass...
20120607_TruthAboutKookaburras_20 20120607_TruthAboutKookaburras_23

Boy & Bear at The Tivoli
 boybear01 boybear02

My purchases at the LifeLine Bookfest  (Nothing deep here, just cook books and some light reads)

My friends Alex and Rosanna are enjoying a lovely holiday in Annecy for the Annecy Animation Festival at the moment. so jealous.

And lastly - a beautiful new blog to keep your eye on by graphic designer Kimmy Hogan, called white with three

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