What I wore this week:

I have spent the whole week feeling like I can't catch up on my sleep! Have been incredibly tired!
I'm dreaming of a whole day of doing nothing: sleeping in, lazy breakfast, watching DVD after DVD, laying around in the warm sun (if there is any). It sounds perfect! There is always such an urgency to fill the day with as much as possible, that some times it would be nice to fill it with nothing at all.

This week I kept a drawing diary of what I wore, what I ate, what was in my bag, stupid happenings and feelings. I did up some water colours of some of my outfits - and thought it was very humorous to see all of my outfits together.

Maybe I can submit them to the What I wore today blog! 
outfit01 outfit02 outfit03 outfit04 outfit05 outfit06 outfit07 outfit08
I also went to the World Press photography exhibit at the Powerhouse, ate burgers in West End, roasted marshmallows over the fire, went to the Rocklea markets to stock up on fruit & vege, made pear-apple-ginger juice from my market buys, visited the Suitcase Rummage markets and bought a cute $15 dress, had a Mojito at Cloudland whilst watching Locura (an all girl salsa band) and finished the night with 2 soft tacos at Tuckeria.

My favourite things from this week:
Lizzy Stewart's drawing diary blog called Solo.
It's so beautiful and heartfelt.
Image taken from post: 24th May 2012 Part 1, of Lizzy Stewart's blog Solo: Lizzy Stewart Solo
Broga - Yoga for Men (women welcome) 
I love this blog post on 3 Steps to Pursuing Your Ideal Career. 
I love the whole Broga blog!
Broga Melbourne

I have been making favourite Lists on Etsy like a crazy woman.
Here are a few of my wants:

Ceramic Mug by Miriam Brugmann miriam brugmann

Warm Winter Thoughts Card by Hello Jenuine (Jen Collins Illustration) Hello Jenuine Etsy

Oversized Narwhale Pillow by Mount Royal Mint mount royal mint etsy

Ice-cream Earrings by Petit Plat petit plat icecream earrings

Pyrite Studs by Rare Specimen pyrite studs rare specimen etsy

Black & White Bunny Necklace by andODesign and o design

Wooden Beads by The Swan Lake the swan lake etsy

Kitty Girl Doll by Mimi Kirchner (Mck254 Etsy) kitty doll mimi kirchner

Other notable documentation from my weekend: 

Woolen Blanket Club and Pannikin Jewellery at the Suitcase Rummage Markets woollenblanketclub
Tiny Animals at the Suitcase Rummage markets. littleanimals
Moss-to-meet-you terrariums - no website yet but available at the Suitcase Rummage Markets dinosaur
Mojitos in my new market dress, watching Locura - all girl salsa band mojito mojitonewdress latingirls

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Leath said...

Emily, this post was epic and awesome. I feel like I have just paid you a quick visit somehow.

The "what I wore this week" sketches are tops.