Mother's Day Weekend

I have been a bit pale, sickly and unfit lately... so I made it my mission to get as much sun, fresh air and activity as possible this weekend! I was lucky enough to have amazing sunny, warm weather in Brisbane. I have spent almost the whole weekend outdoors with lots of long walks, fetes, markets and gardening, so here is a photo blog of my weekend:
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On Friday night I went to Yard Bird Ale House  for dinner and a beer with Shane. We made the rookie error of ordering a meal each, instead of sharing! We were so ridiculously full. I had sliders (which reminded me of being in New York again) with beef, honey mustard, pickles and bbq sauce and chips. It was GOOD.  Definitely a place I would like to come back for many more beers, sweet potato fries, bbq wings etc, etc...

Saturday morning we went to the Sherwood State School fete for some jam and chutney! I also got 4 herb plants for $11! And my sister rolled around in giant balls with her friends over water... Then we went to the Rocklea Markets and scored big on fruit & veges and a little rest with Okonomiyaki for lunch. I have been enjoying some delicious salads made by Shane this weekend with our market buys!

On Sunday I threw a mothers day breakfast for my mum. We had sour dough with moroccan peach chutney, tomato, mint & avocado salsa and poached eggs. Blueberry, banana & cinnamon muffins. Sourdough with butter and blueberry & pear jam. Then i spent the whole afternoon digging in my garden, weeding, replanting and trying to repair the damage from the possums! I planted some new yellow zucchini, pak choy and lettuce. I also planted out my chamomile, thyme and oregano that I bought at the fete, but am still waiting on a location for the mint! Then I put up possum netting over all of my garden. Fingers crossed that it works!!  I love the combination of the smell of the earth and the way my fingers and arms and legs ache from the hard work.

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