The Hamster Wheel of Life

I've had a quiet weekend of trying to get myself organised, catching up on some rest, enjoying some sunshine and pacing around the house.

What I did:

  • I had a melt-down about missing the Prince after party at the Hi-Fi Bar 
  • I bought lots of cheap fruit & veges at the Rocklea markets - 3 pineapples for $3!! and 3  500g punnets of strawberries for $10  *Thrusts*
  • I went for a thigh burning bike ride and ate nuts & fruit on a picnic rug with a couple of lovely people
  • I went for a walk and wrestled with my doggy friend Pommy the Pomeranian
  • This guy! IMG_9409
  • I made chocolate fondant puddings and suffered a chocolate overdose.  They were SO RICH! 
  • I had a rest and got my head back in order after the chocolate/sugar overdose. 
  • My lovely man bought a juicer and has been making juice all week! Today I made my first juice: Apple, Pear, Carrot, Celery and strawberry juice. It was extreme delicious. 
  • A little sneak of something I've been working on... IMG_9531

What I saw:

Lusting over the New Penzance series with the actors from Moonrise Kingdom - I'm trying not to build up my expectations too much (although there isn't a Wes Anderson film that I don't love).

The making of the Moonrise Kingdom trailer that I've watched so much!
Am almost considering going to the Sydney Film Fest to see it a few months earlier 

Tippi Hedren and her daughter Melanie Griffith's Pet Lion: Read the story here! Some more Lion 
 pet lion pet lion pet lion pet lion

Also, how good is Retronaut? I've only recently discovered it... but I could browse through images for hours!

Ivan Dixon of Rubber House duo has created this awesome blog - Pug of War
Presenting his newest character: Muscle McQuack Muscle McQuack
Here is some Muscle McQuack fan art by Alex Grigg
 Alex Grigg Fan Art Muscle McQuack
Read the very naughty muscle McQuack comic - don't read if easily offended / don't hold me responsible if you are! You've been warned!

Jack Teagle's Snake man - reminds me a bit of the Muscle McQuack style: jack teagle snake man
See more of Jack Teagle's work on his Tumblr blog here.
How cute are his foxes?? (Found on Jack Teagle's website) Jack Teagle Foxes

What I learnt: 

(wearing my emotional hat, over my happy hat, over my zombie hat, over my judgemental hat, over my angry bitter hat, being supported by my worried head. )

This weekend my head has been all over the place! I have been so wound up about all of the things I need to do, that instead of doing them one by one I have been thinking of them all at once. hamsterwheel
I literally feel like my life is a hamster wheel that wont slow down, going from work to weekend on a fast spinning cycle.  SO - I have decided I need to take some more time out to slow down and let my brain rest and unwind! Even if it's just 15 minutes a day. Today I took a little time out and felt so much better.

Recipe: herbal tea & or toast, close eyes, play some Robert Glasper Experiment, Feat Erykah Badu, after some time introduce a sketch/writing pad = brain gets into order.


Maxabella said...

Oh my! The Lion series is just extraordinary!!! x

Emily Nelson said...

Yes, I came across the photos and needed to know more / if it was even real!? So I googled like mad and found so many more photos and the story on Just B's Blog Post: http://justbaustralia.com.au/news/life-tippi-hedren-melanie-griffith-and-thei-lion-12752/