Sick Friends Slumber Party

This weekend I have been home alone! Left to my own devices, I can be a bit of a nut!
This video made me laugh...

And to shake things up even more, I have been sick again with a cold/flu!!
What the hell is wrong with my immune system! Luckily for me, my amazing buddy Erin was also sick (I think we telepathically caught this cold from each other) and came over for a sick friends sleepover. It’s nice to be sick around someone else who is sick and germs and sharing don’t matter. Meanwhile healthy people are looking at me like they want to spray my face with disinfectant and set me on fire!

Sick Friends Sleep-Over Checklist: 

- Tissues, Tissues, Tissues!!!!
- Comfort food - Rosemary & Date Cookies
Rosemary & Date Cookies

- Lots and lots of tea - especially lemon & ginger tea.
(My surprise owl is having a lemon & ginger bath)
 Rosemary & Date Cookies with Lemon & Ginger Tea

- Water colours. And more tissues. Water colours with Erin 04

(Erin working with water colour pencils...)Water colours with Erin 02 Water colours with Erin 01 Water colours with Erin 03

Tea with Mr Pomeranian?
[Side Note: Whenever I am doing watercolours I always have a strong urge to dip my paintbrush in my cup of tea or glass of drinking water and drink from my murky water colour glass. My brain just can't comprehend this! And I am constantly trying mix the cups/glasses up the entire time! ]
Tea with Pomeranian Tea with Pomeranian
(A silly owl water colour...)
 Silly owl 01 Silly owl 02

(I like how these 2 little lady character faces turned out)Girl 01 Girl 02

- Teriyaki vege & beef sti-fry
- Warm blankets
- Comfort movies: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
- Tissues!!!

- Sleep ins !
     This is how to wake your friend who loves cats:
Wake-up Cat

Flowers 03 Flowers 02 Flowers 01

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