On feeling sorry for myself:

I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself lately... and it's time for a positive new outlook. However, I would like to dedicate this post to being dramatic and self centred. So please feel free to post a comment on how you feel sorry for YOURSELF, guilt free. Be as dramatic and pathetic as you like. I'll start:

I'm feeling sorry for myself because my head feels like it is about to explode with a massive pressure headache because my face is full of sinus infection and the changing pressure in my head due to the sinus draining is leading me to believe that I actually have an oncoming brain aneurism instead and will die at any moment. I also have an extremely stiff neck and swollen glands and rock hard traps that are radiating nauseating pain that is running (especially on the left side) from my right shoulder up my neck and into my head and then throbbing down my arm and into my fingers. I have a sense of impending doom that something bad is going to happen to me. AND I have a shit load of work to do.
This is how I FEEL:
snot face
And this is a girl eating an apple... Inspired by Audrey Jeanne's style...
apple eater

Here are some comforting cushions also by Audrey Jeanne that I could rest behind my sore back:
( I am actually on the look out for the perfect collection of cushions by designers that I love... I have a cushion design fetish)
man and woman pillows

At times like these it would be good to make a fort and curl up inside it: (This inspired fort is by Maya Walker, see more of her beautiful work here!)

But it's time to get out of the fort - and into action! And I do have an action plan challenge: I'm going to exercise for 30mins every day for 1 week. As apparently this decreases your risk of heart disease by 50% I need to get moving.

I have been spending some time with my furry little friend this weekend. He has been a good companion. We went for a walk together yesterday and I gave him a bath in teatree shampoo, then I brushed him and he entertained our guest while we had wine and baked potatoes, then we watched The Birdcage and slept on the couch together. Today we went for a walk and I documented Pommy's perspective.
29 Walking Pommy
28 Walking Pommy
27 Walking Pommy
26 Walking Pommy
25 Walking Pommy
24 Walking Pommy
22 Walking Pommy
21 Walking Pommy
20 Walking Pommy
15 Walking Pommy
14 Walking Pommy
13 Walking Pommy
11 Walking Pommy
9 Walking Pommy
7 Walking Pommy
6 Walking Pommy
5 Walking Pommy
4 Walking Pommy
2 Walking Pommy
30 Walking Pommy


Your Organ Grinder said...

Urgh, Hope you sinus holes feel better soon. I have a sinus prob so know the feeling! Also last pic of your dog is a cracker!

Leath said...

There's some sappy wisdom in there Em. If only we could all live life like Pommy...

-- Run forward into the undergrowth, and only peer back to blow kisses to those who look out for you --

haha - evidently I need to go out and rediscover my man speak. Get better soon :)

Unknown said...
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Maik said...

These Pommy pics are cool!