Change must be in the air at the moment. I’ve been feeling restless and have been having trouble putting my finger on why.
Tonight it just occurred to me that all of my friends are going through some dramatic changes at the moment! And this has made me question my own life!? What are you doing to me guys??? I was just happily floating along in my own little bubble… when all of a sudden I got left behind the pack! (Not that it’s a competition…) I am excited and scared for you all.
Bubble Girl
turtleSlow & Steady wins the race?

I just recently discovered that not 1, but 3!! Of my good friends have decided to move to the UK together! And soon! They will be joining my other good friend who moved there earlier this year to be with his beautiful girlfriend. I have a few friends spread out across the country – but the other side of the world is another thing! I have seen good friends quitting jobs, starting new careers, ending long term relationships, getting engaged and getting pregnant!
And now I have just seen a photo of one of my best friends with new pink hair! (It looks amazing!)
Pink hair!

Then tonight I skype chatted to my friend that is already living in London (the one with the lovely girlfriend) and he was telling me how he has some studio space and that he shares it with 2 photographers and an illustrator that he thinks I’d like. Well I really do love Yasmeen Ismail’s work!! It’s beautiful! Check it out here: http://auntyyaya.blogspot.com.au See some of her work below:
Yasmeen Ismail
Yasmeen Ismail
Yasmeen Ismail
And this made me so jealous – even though I have a great studio in my home and am perfectly capable of working there.

Now I know that I don’t need to be a lemming… but I have a sudden strong urge to die my hair pink and move to Melbourne, or London, or New York, or Tokyo, or Sydney, or Paris, or … the beach somewhere!

And I want to make my house look like it’s in the Design Files! I think this house is just beauuutiful. I love the fresh white sheets, linen curtains and outdoor bath. It’s so fresh and clean and relaxing!
Design Files
Design Files

But really I need to stop comparing what I have to others and envying everyone else and take action in my own life!
I have come to a crossroads now and it’s time for me to make some big choices! The decisions and plans and options that lay ahead of me are overwhelming.
Cross roads

And now I think a perfect metaphor for my situation.
Shane bought me a delicious looking fig from the fruit shop yesterday. I have been so excited about eating it and saving it as a special treat. I have been thinking about all of the great possibilities for the fig – I could have it on cereal, I could make it into a smoothie with a banana, I could caramelize it with brown sugar and icecream, I could just eat it by itself!! I spent so much time putting the fig on a pedestal that I hadn't actually eaten the fig yet. The idea of the fig is so great that I was too scared to make the wrong choice in how to eat it. It’s not the only fig in the world. Well I ate the fig this morning for breakfast - in it's natural state. Wait, what does that mean? I'm not sure. No. Actually I’m just rambling about figs...

*Disclaimer: for my boss who reads my blog - Don't worry Bobbie, I will definately let you know and give you plenty of notice when I eventually make some changes. I'm not going to move to London without telling you! hehe


Lexidoodle! said...

The whole fig thing reminds me of The Bell Jar. Have you read it? I love your paintings. :)

Emily Nelson said...

Hi Lexi, Thank you!

Hopefully not as dark as the bell jar though... I think I have a more positive outlook about following my dreams and making changes. It's just hard to find the courage to do it!

I went through a stage of reading Sylvia Plath and J D Salinger a few years ago. I also really enjoyed reading Haruki Murakami, George Orwell, Chuck Palahniuk and Anthony Burgess. All really twisted authors that question their purpose.

I'm actually really excited about my life and future though... I hope that I can make a difference and do something important with my existence!