Weekend Adventures

This weekend has been my first weekend off in a few weeks!

I'm feeling a bit sick today and I'm not happy with any of the artwork that I've come up with... so I will just need to work on some things for next weekend!

In the mean time... I had an adventure this weekend (probably why I'm feeling run down today! haha) and have taken lots of photos during my adventures.

Here is what I've been up to:

On Friday I went to the Strutten Exhibition at Bleeding Heart Gallery that was organised by a few of my good friends.
Strutten Exhibit 02
Strutten Exhibit 01
A detail of Dominique Falla's amazing tactile typography work:
Strutten Exhibit 04
My friend Erin was in love with these prawns by: Sue-Ching Lascelles
Strutten Exhibit 05
But we weren't allowed to take photos of the artwork... so I haven't included any of my favourite works!
Strutten Exhibit 06
Strutten Exhibit 03
Me hangin out with my good ol' buddy Liam!
Strutten Exhibit - me with Liam and Simon
Check out the artists from the Exhibit:
Sue-Ching Lascelles
Dominique Falla
Emily Devers
Fee Harding
Joanne Thies
Katelyn Hankinson
Kitty Horton
Julia Scott Green
Max Tynan
Steven Rhodes
Joel Birch

Then I went to the Hi-Fi bar in west end to see the Barksdale Brass band
Barksdale Brass
Barksdale Brass - Shane Hannan
It was a great night filled with friends, many beers, gypsy dancing, photographin, a delicious and well overdue dinner at Indian Kitchen and a heavy nights sleep!

Yesterday Shane had a gig in Buderim, so we went up early to visit Mooloolabah beach at lunch time.
We had a delicious lunch!!! Mine was barramundi on a roast pumpkin salad...
and Shane had a Portugese chicken club sandwich...
Shane's lunch
Beach Lunch
Then we went for a walk and a swim on the beach!
Feet 01
foam shot 01
And I saw lots of jelly fish on the beach...
Jelly 01
Jelly 02
Jelly 03
Jelly 04
Jelly 05

But I went for a swim any way... It was a nice refreshing dip! And then we layed in the grass by the sand and relaxed in the shade.
Laying in the grass at the beach
Laying in the grass at the beach
Laying in the grass at the beach
and took more photos of my feet... Have you seen this sweet project by photographer Tom Robinson?
Feet 02
Feet 03
Feet 04
Until it was time to go to the gig in Buderim... Here is the view from the top!

I read this other blog on adventures today: http://notetoselfmax.blogspot.com.au/

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forkmyfood said...

You lunch looked so yummy! The feet photos are so cool! Some of Tom's photos are so amazing! Definately started a new fad! I don't think I'll be putting my feet too close to my food though haha!