I had a lot of trouble writing this Valentine's/Love themed post. I had mixed feelings of romantic dreaminess with squishy, sickly sweet cringeyness... I hope it is not too overbearing for you! It has been written with love and with good intentions...

Amelie's Happy Ending:

This is for you Shane - I'm crazy in love with you! Emphasis on the CRAZY ! xoxo
Crazy Love

Romantic Pillow Cases?
1. Paris & NY Skyline Pillowcases, Me & You Puzzle pillow casses from Urban Outfitters
2. Meaty Pillowcase by Dawn Tan
3. Long Distance Relationship Pillows

This Tumblr post made me laugh! I think most people are in the 2nd category!http://witanddelight.tumblr.com
tastefullyoffensive: via

Two little topknot pigeons... for my two beautiful friends! (I know it is a pretty belated wedding gift!!!!)
Topknot pigeons green wings

If I was going to go on a valentine's date and look sickeningly cute - this is my collection of LOVE! :P I might be going to the EMO gig at Turnaround Jazz Club on Valentine's day to watch my lover play trombone!
valentines likes
4. Ban.do Love Heart Shoe Clips 5. Urban Outfitters Silky Tie-back dress

Check out this Paris Studio Apartment! It is actually cheaper (for two people) than the amount I payed in a youth hostel years ago. I could stay in my Paris studio apartment for a month and live a dreamy life, sketching, drinking and soaking in the scenery!
Beautiful photo of Paris from: Lolita

Read:All women really want is a F*cking cup of tea!! tea cup

Funny looking at how we've changed over the years:

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