Things that I like this January

At the moment this is what I am enjoying and lusting over...

1. These gorgeous hand made leather boots from Golden Ponies on Etsy.
Golden Ponies Boots

Urban Outfitters Whale Shower Curtain

3. Fran├žoise Hardy - so Frenchy Chic it makes me swoon!

4. This cushion by Donna Wilson looks excellent on my couch!
Donna Wilson Pillow

5. Taking polaroids...

6. Some cheeky & lovely valentine's day cards.
Valentines Day Cards

7. Collecting shells AND my beautiful Japanese dish from Shibui Homewares in West End.

8. Drinking lemon tea from my surprise owl tea-cup from my good friend Rhianna. (The owl is enjoying a nice lemon bath)
Surprise Owl Tea Cup

9. I can't wait for the new Wes Anderson movie - Moonrise Kingdom:

10. Stradbroke Island Holidays

DolphinsBeach trip with loverBeach trip with sisterSunrise at StradbrokeCliffs at Stradbrokepalm2palm1seacreature2seacreature1


Steve said...

I very much like this segment of Emily's art blog!

Emily Nelson said...

Thanks Steve!

Makoto said...

Dear Em,
Emily posts make me happeh!

But, just wanting to comment on your last post. I think you are too talented to be worrying about all those things. I would love to see more Emily-land art.

Being naked and listening to soul and jazz, by the sea? Sounds pretty good. You should totes do it.

love Makoto