2012 Resolutions

This year is a fresh new start for me, having just finished my Masters in Digital Design, it feels like I'm back to square one. Once again I'm facing the daunting task of finding a job and getting my life into order. Studying again has been a great way to excuse myself from achieving some 'normal' life necessities such as - getting a drivers licence, starting my career and doing my tax...

I still feel like I'm 14. My sister is 14 this year and I feel like she is more together and much more hip than I. Where did the 11 years go? When was I not 14 anymore?

Owl Tea
As I sit in only my open dressing gown on a Sunday at 11am drinking tea from my surprise owl cup - I am feeling much too lazy to tackle such difficult and boring life endeavours. And I have no excuse - the fact is I care not for tax or driving or working full time! I would just like to create and live by the sea and spend my days naked and listening to soul and jazz.

My 2012 Resolutions/Plans:
1. Learn to save and manage money and business
2. Grow an edible garden
3. Learn Spanish
4. Decorate my home in ways that inspire me
5. Lead a more active outdoors lifestyle
6. Save for a holiday to Cuba
7. Learn to Screen Print
8. Develop a regular work schedule for freelance work/personal projects on my days off.
9. Actively promote my art
10. Find a creative job

Have a happy Sunday!

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