I want I want I want

I want to get this:
MySpace Codes

I also want to get more singing lessons - I want to develop a strong voice and really stretch myself! I want to buy a cheap keyboard off Amazon so I can play some chords and write some music even if it is only for myself.

I want to buy a laptop for my webdesign / digital design masters at uni. I want a macbook pro.
Then I want to get my home computer set up really nice - totally wipe everything off it except for programs so it's really fast, set it up with my power etc. Then I want to have lots of TB external Hard Drives to put any of my work onto. And label them.
And because I will have that set up I want to have a process where I write little stories, draw sketches, do some really nice final illustrations on Wacom tablet, make them into childrens books, animate the story/illustrations and make an animation from it. AND just because I'm crazy I want to make a song about it too. (that part might sound lame but I think cute little stories would make a nice song.) Maybe I can make some cute tote bags and greeting cards of the illustrations too.
Then eventually I want to buy a really nice Digital SLR Cannon camera that shoots HD I think it is the 500D? or 50D... www.somemyspacecodes.com">MySpace Codes
And then I can get some more stop motion animation happening and a bit of film and really make some good little music videos and cute little personal animations.
Then if I have a beautiful camera I can take some band photos cause I go to so many gigs and Shane's gigs and maybe other bands will get me to take some promotional photos for them. I took some great pictures at their new years gig - but with a good camera itd be excellent! AND then with my web design skills from my masters I want to make a few good websites and I can advertise my own little shop and also some promotional band photography and things.
Anyway I was telling all of this to simon last night at dinner and I realised I had plans all along... swimming around in my head and maybe thats why I cant sleep at night and wake up at 5.30 every morning and practically spring out of bed full of this restless energy. Maybe I need to go for a run or something to calm down!
I want to go to the west end markets and buy more lovely foods and breads and cheap clothes.
I want to be healthy and have so much fun!
I want to make some money and travel and save up for all of these dreams... so I'm going to work today!!!!

And this is what I want at the moment. Please tell me what YOU want.

(Will add some more illustrations later tonight)


Leath said...

I want more posts like this Em. Rad.

Plus maybe that girl of my dreams if she's out there.

Sweetpea said...

I want to be a published writer. I want to live in a cute little cottage with overstuffed couches and a wall full of books, with a garden out the back that smells delicious all year round. I want to bake bread and brew coffee everyday. I want a drum kit in the corner that I know how to play and to be less self-conscious of taking/being in photographs. I want the people I love to never be sad and always be near. (And maybe the guy of my dreams – if he is out there.)

Awesome blog! You have some very cool work hey. I love it.