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Today I woke up and I meditated. Then I did some stretches. Then I went for a walk to the bridge that crosses to St Lucia. It was a very hot morning and I was feeling very bothered about the house mess. I sat on a bench on the bridge and it was a very cool spot. I finally did some drawing. It was the perfect peaceful place; in the shade with the cool breeze blowing off the river. I did some sketches of strong women. (in early sketch stages so far... would like to do a finished of wacom version).

Warrior women. I have been thinking alot of warrior princesses lately. I have been looking at lots of women in tribal costume. Who are some other warrior princess women ?
  • Princess Mononoke
  • NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind
Some inspirational googling below:
MySpace Codes

I love women who are strong and adventurous. They have a strong mind, stand by their opinions and know what they want. There are a few women I know in my life who impress me so much because they follow their passions and dreams and adventures BUT still manage to raise a family?! What amazing women!

As you know I have been thinking alot lately... and I am starting to think that all of the thinking was worth while after alll...
People I admire:
I have made a little list of people that I know and admire and why I admire them. I am trying to incorportate some of these aspects/goals/morals into my every day life.

What my room would be like if it had a projector to screen films onto my
blind: (Another thought)

After all of the sketching and thoughts. I made some muffins. Banana lemon muffins and Zucchini cinnamon muffins. So far... a morning well spent!

Oh also a few jazz Bigband sketches from Shane's gig Sunday night.

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Alex Grigg said...

awesome drawings em! i love the face designs :) have you ever seen Kevin Dalton's work? I think you'd love it- nice loose linework and fun characters. gives me the same feel as some of these.
(check out his journal :))