Works in Progress

2 works in progress at the moment.

1. Nightbird.
This is a concept for a little story I wrote based on a postcard I drew that is stuck to my computer. The story is about a night bird that flies over the houses at night, checking children are asleep and whispering sweet dreams to everyone as it flies over. I have lots of little sketches and verses for the story but nothing there ready to post. So here are two little initial concept sketches.
Also I have been checking out some of Geninne's work and gathering some inspiration from her. She does some beautiful little postcards and artwork with birds. Everything birds... But what I have been really enjoying look at today is how she decorates her space. She uses wooden shelves and book cases and frames. She collects so much and pins it all around her. She has material canvases with postcards and papers etc pinned to them. I just really like how she makes her space!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/geninne/page3/ (This link shows her "spaces")

2. Warrior Princess.
I have also been continuing to work on my warrior princesses... Doing lots of wacom tablet sketches! I am happy with how this one is coming along so far! (Work in progress!) I have mainly worked on her head so far.
I have been really enjoying Meg Hunt's illustration and have tried to look at how she uses her style and apply it to my own work.


Alex Grigg said...

heya em, really loving these latest posts :) its cool to see your ideas coming together.

To answer your question from ages ago about textures- mine are usually things i find on the web or scan. then put over the top of what i want to have texture and changed to an "overlay" blending mode. super simple :) you usually have to turn down the opacity a bit, otherwise the colours underneath get pretty saturated. If it doesnt come out how you like, you can try inverting the colours, or turning it to black and white. They'll give you cool effects.

Makoto said...

Dear Emily,

I am really excited that you are going about all of the things you are doing!

The bird idea is so endearing and I would love to see that happen in Emily style :)

I like how the the bird is saying "go to NY" ^v^

The sketches and the drawing is great too :)

Happy, positive Emily makes everyone happy; including me :)

Keep us posted em!

<3 <3 <3

Lauren said...

Your night bird concept is lovely Emily!! I would buy it and read it constantly to my nieces! Sounds so pretty and whimsical, which is EXACTLY the kind of story suitable for lovely little children (and perhaps those a little older too ;p)

I do so hope you keep at it!

<3 Lauren