Update Fisheye Pirate

Just a note... I havent played around with the colour of the sea layers yet...

First scene boat sails in from right and then satellite dish aims down towards water and lets out radio signals
Then the fish jump out of the water with rainbow colours
Scene 2 - close up of fish crew and then pan to dress sails
Dress sails blow in the breeze (will use a mask)

Pirate singer looks through the telescope

Scene 3 - all of the fish wake up and jump excitedly around

Scene 4 - CHORUS Boat sails from the left this time out of the screen

Boat sails in from right on ceiling

"Do you wanna go swimming" couple fall out of the boat and into water
Scene 5 - pair pop out and bob around in water

Scene 6 "Do you wanna come aboard my pirate boat..." pirate singer sails in from right

Scene 7 - flag raises and blows in breeze (mask again)

Scene 8 - Dragon serges out of the water and the water rises/boat sways around alot - as pirate singer clings to the mast.

Scene 9 - Close up boat bobbing, then it tilts to one side.

Zoom out to reveal pirate singer/ boat in a bottle as the fishman drinks

Hey friends... so a little update on what's going on in my life... I have been trying to look for a new job! As life modelling has not been consistent and I'm not getting enough work to get my by at the moment. Ideally I want an animation job!! but I need something reliable at the moment. I am also happy to be working on my own stuff!
So... I was struggling a bit... but then I got some help doing up my resume! So at the moment I have a Saturday job 9-4 doing reception for a women's councelling place! so... that's a start! I had my first shift last saturday and it went really well. I have also been getting some interviews for other places which is good...
Anyway... lots of job hunting... and I feel as though every time I get a spare day to do some work I get sick!!! I had a cold last week and then had a full day off today and have been to the dr and in bed sick again all day!

so I thought I should give an update on what I have been up to in the animation world. I have been putting all of the scenes together in After effects with all of my cut out shapes so that I can go back into each scene and animate them. I am trying to work on the chorus first so that it looks the most finished - as it is repeated the most... Anyway I will post the stills for now - so you can see what will happen! (still need to work on the last few versus... I'm really worried about the time limit (about a month to go) but I think it should be ok!!! ... the animation might be just a bit more limited in its movements.


Makoto said...


axesome work!

@ internet cafe and it is reaaly hard to type, i think u would know!

so sorry for retarded message!
i want to see it moving!!!

c;est bon! aaaaaa credit !!! au reviour!!!

Makoto said...

rainbow fish love !!!!

Liam said...

looks freaking cool emily :D can't wait to see it

Alex Grigg said...

hey! how havent I seen this before? Its looking really great em, i cant wait to see it together!!