new project

So at the moment I am working towards doing some animation for local band in just under 2 months. The animation will play in the background at the live concert (if I finish in time hehe).
It will also be a way for me to build up some new work for my demoreel and give me the motivation/deadline to do it! It is a pretty short time limit so I am hoping I can find a balance between quality in animation and... completed project!
Anyway I have been desiging all of the elements to go in the cutout style animation. so... feel free to comment... but also be gentle remembering there isnt TOO much I can make big changes to as there is a short time limit!


Makoto said...

Emily~ animation~!

YES! oh how I've waited :D

I <3 the fish/fisherman?! He's genius! Look at his outfit~!! Brilliant :D And the dragon.

The style is so cute too. (everything <3)

Can't wait to see it all in motion <3

Keep going and don't let anything stop you Emily! Just have heaps of fun making it & don't stress!

Sarasarasarato said...

Hey Em these are looking gorgeous, I really love the Fish-Fisherman and his blue cardigan. I'm not sure if that composited shot is a final, but just in case, I think the boat should be much bigger and perhaps the waves a darker blue so they contrast more with the sky. That's my two-cents. Otherwise I'm in love with the design.

Alex Grigg said...

hey em, looks gorgeous! I really cant wait to see it all moving (specially the fish man)
I think benny might be right about the water, maybe you could even experiment with different lighting conditions- like afternoon sky and stuff.
Good luck em

Maruna said...

Hiii Emily!! REally really love everything that you doing here!
I luv the pretty dresses on the washing line and and the cotton ball clouds! Its all so cute!
Maybe for the water you can try seperating the layers out in 3d more and make a harsher perspective, then put a bit of a blur on the waves closer to make it look like it was taken with a analogue camera. But then I really like how it is now so may be no, but just for ideas anyway!
Cant wait to see it finished! good luck Emily!!