Zoo Gig - Animation for Hannah Macklin and the Teapotter party

Hi Blog, Here is an update about how the animation ended up going!!
There were alot of sleepless nights and about 38 hours of rendering by the time it made it to DVD...
I spent alot of time before the sound check directing the technition dude on how I wanted the projection!! hehe It was over the drummers head a little bit - but that was ok. I was so nervous pacing back and forward... and all I had to do was press PLAY!... In the rehearsal the first run through didnt sync so well. I think the band were trying to watch the animation too much and the first animated verse I somehow made a little slow. Once they kept an eye on the count in I think they collaborated really well! The last section of the song was a little different to the recording I was given also. I liked how the animation fit with the ending of the old recording better but I also got good feedback - as the audience had no comparison it was fine!
Everything seemed to go smoothly and synced well and the band seemed happy with their characters and the animation! :) It was a good night and I was finnallly able to let my hair down after and had a great night drinking and dancing!! :)
Anyway, I have included a few stills you wont have seen yet. 2 clips from the Zoo concert (keeping in mind the sound quality on my Camera isnt that great) and the animation itself. I have not been able to add music to it yet.
ALSO! please NOTE: I only had 2 months to make this... aaand I realise the animation is quite limited. There are lots of little changes I would like to make, little subtleties etc... One thing that bothered me particularly was waiting 30 hours for it to render completely - only to notice little mistakes and not be able to fix them in time for the concert...

Fisheyepirate_preview from Emily Nelson on Vimeo.

zoo concert prt 1 from Emily Nelson on Vimeo.

zoo animation prt 2 from Emily Nelson on Vimeo.


Alex Grigg said...

congrats emm!! it looks fantastic!!!

(im also glad you got your camera back!)

Emily said...

ummm havent got it back yet lolol... but hopefully will!! :)

Makoto said...


I'm saw the videos!
OMG Congrats! They look awesome!

That is so much work too!
Feeling very proud right now :)

I hadn't seen the four guys before, but I love them! Such awesome designs!

Once again congrats !! ><

Emily said...

Thanks Makoto! :) It's pretty limited animation I guess cause of the time limit and my stupidly slow computer...
but im glad i spent alot of time on pre-prod putting it together...

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