Life Drawing

Hey there, I went and did some life drawing last night... I have a new book that is around a4 size... but kind of square-ish... and its sooo nice to be a bit looser when drawing. Normally I am using small sketch books and I think my sketches get really tight... I also have a few sketches from the Clarence corner jazz jam night... they are very quick

2min poses

2mins (touched up a little with wacom tablet using white to rub out)

5 or 10 mins... I cant remember
this is a 20 min pose but I just did a few quick sketches - top one is a different anglet tried out some water colour with brush pen
quick sketches at the jazz jam night... they were moving alot...

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Makoto said...

Hey Emily,

Aaaaa~~~ envious of your life drawing~~~!!

I particularly like your water colour brush pen ones :) the tones are so nice.