Bar Soma Screening

Well... here is the next update on my progress. Painting slowed down a bit whilst I was sick... but I was also focusing alot more on putting together some animation. Last night was the launch night of the Soma Space at bar soma where myself and some other artists exhibited their work... So there were some photographers and grafiti artists displaying canvas etc... And I had 3 animations on loop to project. At first I was unhappy with how it was displayed... as I thought it was going to be on the brick walls or somethign...and it was just on a little projector screen. but I am pretty happy now because it is right next to the stage and is right in the open and anyone who comes in cant miss it. And my bio is right next to it. I saw lots of people watching my animations so that was good! I also got a free champagne cocktail... and listened to jazz and sat back watching people watch my animations with Shane. It was lovely. So... my work will be displayed at bar soma for a month and you can pop in any time and have a look at it! (here is my blurb about the films) I have chosen to show 3 experimental films at Bar Soma. These works will suit the space as the audience and music can interact with the abstract mediums. Originally gathering inspiration from the Joshua Light Shows in the 60s, I have tried to imitate the psychedelic style. Keep your mind open and let the images and feelings emerge from the animation with the music. SO yes the past few weeks I have been working hard to get one new experimental animation up and running for bar soma... the other 2 are my final year film and another film I created for an assignment. I had HEAPS of old inky footage that I did not even use for my film so I spent alot of time editing in after effects (to make it look like ink blotches or kaleidoscope) and it turned out really well!

Also... here are some paintings I've been working on. Some days go better than others... and some days I get a wet cloth and rub out everything I've worked on.
pineapple lady has gone to shit for now... my pineapple is dead.

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Alex Grigg said...

Hey Emi, congratulations!! these look great! its cool you got to use some of the footage from last year. Id love to see them in person.