exhibition approaching

It is coming near exhibition time...
I want to post some of my progress but then I'd be giving everything away! Instead, I will just vent some of my frustration at this point.

I have a bit of pressure to finish off the last few paintings... and its not going so well... I feel like im mashing the paint brush on the canvas with agressive energy... that isnt helpful energy.
i feel alot like im rushing! and im too impatient for fine brushwork and anything that's a bit fiddly! I have to have about 17 paintings ready by 18th march. (9 for qca) (7 or 8 for bar soma)
I had some postcards made up with my artwork on them and have written inviations on the backs (this has put me out of pocket a bit) i'm also starting to care and worry about people buying my paintings... which I know doesnt matter but I think I will be disappointed if I dont sell even 1. plus i have work all of this week... garh!H ( i need the money too)
ANywya this is an online freakout.

Here are the exhibition details:
'Art by Animators'
20-27 March
Opening Night, 6pm - 9pm
Sat-Fri, 9am - 5pm
Whitebox Gallery, Grey st Studios 4.18
Queensland College of Art, 226 Grey St, SouthBank

Also... my abstract work will be on display at Bar Soma for 1 month from March 18.
Open wed-sun, 6pm - late. 4/22 Constance St, Fortitude Valley.

SOoo... for now I'm swamped in paintings, working nude to make money and trying to get my tax done so Kevin Rudd can send me some money. As I dont have any paintings to leave you with - I will leave you with some of my hair art! I have a new haircut... and here is also my work on lucinda trying to make her look like Marie Antoinette for her posh old fashioned themed murder mystery party!


Alex Grigg said...

hair looks great emitisticals. Good luck with the paintings. Ill hopefully get to see them in a few weeks!

Makoto said...

Hey Emily!

Your hair looks cute and arty :D Blonde Amelie~ <3

And nice work on Lucinda's hair too :) makes an awesome mini marie <3

Good luck exhibition stuff (>3<)/