Travel Diary

Dear bloggers...
I have not posted anything in quite a while...
I travelled overseas to Japan and Europe for 4 months on the 1st of June...
Anyway I kept a travel diary and did a few sketches here and there... so here are some of them... they are all just short sketches...
so below is a page of sketches in Tokyo, Ueno park
This is in Hiroshima (hence the dome)

Finland in the park

Prague (did my most sketches here) Really nice buildings and statues and ornamentation on chairs, window sills etc...

This is in Prague - I sat on the grass hills in the cherry trees and read some Kafka and did some drawing

Here I was in the Wencless square, Prague and there was a man sleeping on a bench and then the police came and told him to go away (quick action sketch) so yeh the story goes from right to left incase you havent worked it out... :P

I was too poor and spent my days budget to go anywhere... so I sat out side a cafe, ate my mueslie bar and listened to some jazz...

Statues, violinist... prague...

Jazz bar in Prague

more jazz bar

Kutna hora... the ossuary... bone church! using different human bones to decorate the interior of church... like the chandelier there was made of jaws and hips and leg bones etc etc

Austria (Salzburg on left), (Lara's kitchen in Vienna on right)

crappy drawing of rose garden vienna
Ritchie cooking dinner and smoking, Vienna
Istanbul - mosques from bridge cafe
Cappadocia, Turkey - phallic rock formations and view of town from hostel
Karlzplatz, Vienna again
Paris - eiffle tower (note couples everywhere...) and train station
Japan again... faces on the train

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