stormy night

So I was a little "Blu" graffiti artist inspired (by his wall animations) for those who havent watched it yet ... http://www.vimeo.com/993998
And yeah... then I painted my bedroom wall... (over my previous red and white wall painting) It's obviously not as awesome! ... it was pretty quick... It's very hard to work in such a large scale... Anyway he is sitting crouched in my room behind the canvases...I moved them a bit so you can see...but his head and hands peep over the top of them normally. He is right beside the door so he guards my room! My grandma will be staying in my room while I'm overseas... I dont think she will like him very much!
This is a continuation on a work I started a while ago... again its pretty large scale... and now that I'm seeing it this size I realise I dont really get to stand back from it enough. Its a bit of a van gough appropriation (hence the stars and the scissors cutting off both my ears) Still alot of work to do I think... with the body and makingthe ear, hands and scissors more readable. I want the blood to pour down her shoulders a bit like a veil... like she is a maiden. She is giving up her ears for love... and kind of not wanting to hear the truth/ the music that reminds her of her heart. So she is getting rid of the problem. yeh maiden in the night sky, bleeding her heart out... no longer wanting to hear the music. dramatic yes? It's a little gorey looking... I'd like to tone it down more.

mmm and the other paintings... just waiting... for me to play with them... stupid lion man... has several hundred faces... and hair doos... I just cant capture what I want... Icebergs havent really done much... one above is just a very rough idea... want to paint some grassy hills...
and one next to it is based on an earlier drawing.... rough outline of girl walking with a ghost attached to her heart... etc... :P need more painting time!! but only 2 weeks till I go away... I guess the paintings will go on a bit of a hiatus... jazz fight... dooba deeboo doooo... BOB>.. etc (home movies reference)


Leath said...

Hey Emily.

I LOVE the painting of the maiden who is giving up her ears for love. One of the things i like most about it is that its not all clean and clear yet - nice and loose.

And I reckon u should make sure that the little explanation thing follows it wherever it goes cause that's what made it for me.

Alex Grigg said...

holy crap em, that giant man is awesome! i want one for my room! i love the way his squished amoungst your furniture.
and as always your paintings are a feast for the eyeballs. especially love the ear one. im not sure if it will help but if your having trouble with the lion man face try doing a few extra studies from photos or whatever. thats been my recent craze, helps me out alot.

Sarasarasarato said...

Emily. Thanks so much for the link to the Blu animation! Funny thing is Dad was telling me about it just this morning. If it wasn't for you I'd of forgotten all about it and gone on living in total ignorance of that unequivocally awesome Brazilian animation. I love the part where the spider scuttles around inside that room inside the crack in the wall. Bravo on painting your own Blu man on your wall!!

Oil paintings are looking lovely too. Maiden with Ears is great, excellent concept. I don't think you'd need to tone it down if you made the blood-veil all smooth and silky. As it is now it looks a bit viscous and, well, bloody!

Anyway, that's my innocuous twitter over for this evening!

Emily said...

thanks ben! i like that idea about the veil alot! after i work on some proportion issues with the body i would like to play with making the veil more veil like! Also they are just acrylic... oil is too messy for me... cause... i make a big mess in my bedroom... and its easy to clean it with water in the sink and shower in my bedroom... and off my clothes etc... i always seem to get oils EVERYWHERE!!!! like ill step in some and drag it through the house for weeks lol
Also thankyou alex and leath for your comments... ill also take both of them into consideration... am super keen to do some studies!

ben said...

now to be fair Id say your g'ma is going to love the man on your wall that's playing smurff sress ups, thats what he's doing yes? I sure love him.