Life Drawing

Well... I have not been doing much art at ALLLLLL since I got back from my trip... So feeling a bit dry - I went to the GAS group for some life drawing with the animators. I just experimented a bit... they are a bit scratchy... but I had fun and it was inspiring.
Brett was the model for the night!
I wont even show you my quicker ones ... they are really shocking...

nude reclining postcard!


Makoto said...

Hey Emily!

I come back from Brisbane and see this~! Wow~! I really liked browsing your travel diary!

Especially the one with heaps of faces and your Eifel tower one is really cute :)

The life drawing are cool too :)

Leath said...

Hey Em!
You've gone blog-crazy since last time i crecked. I really love your noodly holiday sketches. Particularly the situational ones with people sitting together. And the one u labeled 'crappy rose garden drawing' was one of my favourites. It has lots of depth.

Cool to see some new stuff!

Ooo...and the page of faces.

Leath said...


I think I posted the same thing twice.

I got skillzzzzz.

Maybe just delete one. Or put em up and reveal me for the fool i am. Your call.

Just so u are aware of the gravity of this decision; your next few moments could impact greatly on my life. The power of cyber space is at your fingertips. To the public or the ether?

night night Em.

Emily said...

hehe leath... now i just made it look like you only posted one! :P

Alex Grigg said...

hey emi! these are great! i love the travel ones too, 'specially the istambul one. awesome to see some new drawings, keep it coming!