tablet photoshop

Hey guys,
These aren't spectacular... but I just want to show you I'm doing some work...
I FINALLY set up my new wacom tablet that I got for my birthday which was in OCTOBER... and am wondering what the **BE*W was wrong with me... It's very fun and I've been an absolute loser for a few months in a very dry period of art... it makes me feel like drawing all the time and even makes me feel like doing more drawing in sketchbooks too...
Also... my friend Alex came over the other day on his scooter and slapped me repeatedly until I learnt how to animate in photoshop cs3 and set up my tablet... so thankyou... scooter knight in shining bubble helmet... you have officially motivated me.
anyway here are some silly doodles... I look forward to playing with some brushes and things like that... have also been making silly animations for fun...but at least its SOMETHING... rather than blank page, blank mind, blank life.


Alex Grigg said...

hey em! great to see some new stuff. especially love the second one. i cant wait to see some awesome moving pictures in your style

Makoto said...

Hey Emily :)

Can't wait to see your animations!

Cute sketches as always!


Maruna said...

hey Emily I love the piggy! really cute! and yes definetly looking forward for some of your animation!!