Working Days

ok I am trying to get myself together a bit. During the week I will be working when I am at home. Getting up at 8am and starting on either some painting or animation... or job searching/resume writing etc. Finish work at around 4ish (mostly later). I limit myself to 1 facebook/email check and 3 vimeo videos per day! (weekends are free). I need some goals to work towards. At the moment I am preparing some paintings for some exhibition space in March.
1. with the GAS group (Griffith Animation Society). They have a space available in March and we are putting together a collection of artwork from animators... with a bit of an animation theme to it. SO I want to paint a series of characters... (its pretty free... but just not abstract free).
2. Bar Soma have a space available to artists every couple of weeks showcasing new brisbane artists... I recently saw a girl I went to school with exhibit her stuff there and she had only really just taken up painting recently... so i was like what the hell... am i doing with my life... and rang them... I got a phone call back saying there was a space in march... so id like to create some interesting things for this... possibly even some animation - loops and things I think would be cool in a club...
Anyway hopefully both of these things come through... for me it doesnt really matter if it does or not or if i sell anything or not... the main thing is that I have somehting to work towards and I will be doing alot of painting and hopefully be getting better at painting!
So here are two things I have been working on below... through their different stages...
also note my pineapple references ( dad got me one with the top chopped off... and Im like but I wanted to PAINT it... ) and Alexs creature from Japan watching over me... I had a pomeranian handy too...
Pomeranians, pineapples and peonies.

ALso... I just made a Vimeo account for my demoreel and finalyear film... and have been enjoying watching a couple of new ones every day... they are very inspiring. http://www.vimeo.com/2867028


Makoto said...


Emily's work is available to watch on the net!

Hey Emily,
I'm glad you are painting and getting your stuff out there :) The Paintings look awesome and it's great to see you motivated because this inspires others; like me! (That's such a good idea to limit net time too!)

Can I also make a request?
Can you please post up your awesome bead animation from 2nd/3rd? year on your vimeo? (The galaxy bead one) I remember watching it with Leath and zoning out and it was really therapeutic :)

Keep us updated about exhibition dates etc as well!

love your work and keep it up.

<3 Makoto

Alex Grigg said...

hey emi! what a massive update. its great to see your new stuff. I really like your demo reel too. i dont think ive seen it before. good luck on your mission!!!