sob sob

I have been really sick for the past few days :(
I'm still in my holiday and was going to try and do alot of work in the stop motion lab seeing as I have no classes. I was working on Tuesday night and started feeling really ill, mum picked me up from uni and I wasnt allowed to stay home because the floors have been varnished. So I stayed at mums house and I started feeling alot worse, really hot and week and a sore throat. I think Ive been working too late and not getting enough sleep :( and not eating healthy either. ANywya Wednesday morning I woke up really sick with a really big headache and swollen sore glands, I couldnt even get up and I had to cancel my waitressing work. ANwyay! so the past 3 days I have been in bed and extremely stressed out and sick, but you need alot of energy for the stop mo room! Also on Thursday I had to do some life modelling work that I couldnt cancel, which was absolute torture... It felt like a bad dream, at one stage the instructor made me hop in a body sock.
Anyway I havent been able to keep anything down, but I was feeling a little better today so I went to uni for a bit in the afternoon to do some work and finished off the ear section!! I'm really stressing because I only really have the weekend now to get into the stop motion lab before Marks classes start in there for their assignment!! ARHH!HH!

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