stop motion mad

Have been working on a lot of stop motion this week and last week. I spent ages working on the painted walk cycle... I just couldn't get it right!!! First day didn't go so well and I just had a really slow start. Next day I got back in there and got a heap of work done on the ghosts walk and finished off that section. I used acrylic purple paint mixed with black and sliver and retarder to keep it from drying. So here are a few screen shots below:
This week I have had another 4 stop motion lab sessions. I finished off the "ghost dance" section. I've been really annoyed at one of the auto settings on the camera that seems to change the colour of different sections depending on how much light/dark there is in the image etc... so hopefully I'll be able to edit this later on! Also Ive worked on the skin texture to go under the ants - I mixed a cream coloured paint and mixed in some thickener to give the paint a heavier, more textured look.
I have been working on the "flashes". The shadows have worked out really well using the paint on glass technique as opposed to the cintiq drawings I did! I made the paint really runny with alot of retarder and silver paint. This worked really well on glass because I could make it a little bit transparent to create a really good shadow effect. The sections that I used white on black (for example the hand knocking on the door) turned out a little differently then I thought, they are alot messier. However I think they work fairly well too, I used the white paint thinly to build up layers and create shadow on the hand ! I'm not very happy with how the room and door images have worked out, and a little unsure about the eye. but I think as they are only shot shots it will work out ok. I'm lacking in a few areas...
Anyway here are a few progress pics!

Today and yesterday I have worked on the heart beat using red food dye on glass and a water dropper, also red dye in a thin layer of water. These worked out pretty well. Then I also worked on "big breath" ink circles, I did a series of separate ink circles using food dye and a thin layer of water on glass and I took a number of frame shots for each ink drop according to the x-sheet. I did them separately so I can composite them over each other later on.
I feel like I've gotten alot of frames done this week... but I haven't started the "ears" or any of the experimental animation yet!!! ahH!

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