extra days

I was really worried I was not going to get enough time to work on the experimental!! I had planned to start my compositing stage now... but because I was sick it has put me behind! Luckily all of this went really well and I have gotten alot more done then expected! I only really had to fill the scene with about 1000 frames of inks in water... but I got over 5000 frames of footage to play around with and composite layers together!! whoo!! I played around with heaps of different materials for the inks! I had a few different coloured food dyes, aswell as some old ones that were passed their expirey...and made weird effects, vinegar, bicarb soda, crackling medium, water and retarder, glitter and some black, blue and silver pen inks. I tried in a fairly shallow tank which worked well for some areas, but I also used a deeper styrophoam tank which worked better to get the water currents flowing and get different movements with the ink. In the shallow water I got some really nice effects with the inks and crackle medium... which spread out a white circle in the water and then reacted with the paint and water and went all wrinkly! When I put bicarb soda in (even without the vinegar) it would make the inks spread out like flowers or explosions! These two techniques worked really well.
To get a spacey kind of look I played around with swirling the water with black ink in it and then pouring the silver shiny ink in... and the swirls looked like stars.

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