Another Weekend...

I'm recovering from a weekend of late nights with a cup of tea and toast in bed while I finish this blog. I feel a little bit like I'm running on a hamster wheel at the moment. One step forward, one step back.

I'll get there! And another weekend flashes before my eyes. My days off are so precious to me. They slip through my fingers as I desperately try to use every moment of them. I wish I could immerse myself into creativity for a month and lock myself in my studio... but then I realise that every distraction is more inspiration filling my brain. I start my weekends on Friday morning and by Saturday morning I am already panicking that they will be over soon. Today my brain is exploding with ideas for illustration & other creations and there is little time to get anything done. At least my sketchbook is full of ideas.

Here are some distractions that inspire me:

1. My Garden
 Garden 06 Garden 04 Garden 01Garden 05 Garden 03 Garden 02
(Possum destruction in the garden bed...)
  Garden 07 Garden 08 Garden 09
Sketches from my garden - it rained on my sketchbook :( Garden Sketches 01 Garden Sketches 02 Garden Sketches 03 Garden Sketches 04

2. Datter Industries Jewellery by Kaye Blegvad Datter Industries Etsy

3. Dadu Shin
Dadu Shin Long Walks Dadu Shin silly gif

4. Whip it - http://youtu.be/Xbt30UnzRWw Whip It Good!

5. Barksdale Brass Band at Blackbear Lodge Barksdale Brass band

6. This amazing series of interviews...
      ...with my ultimate dream illustration/creative agency Jacky Winter on The Design Files Guest Blog. The interviews are all with Jacky Winter's commander-in-chief Jeremy Wortsman and members of his staff. It was so great to read about some of the behind the scenes work that goes on at Jacky Winter. *melts into a puddle*
Interview 1 - with Jeremy Wortsman and Karan Sing
Interview 2 - with Jeremy Wortsman and Monica Laskowski
Interview 3 - with Jeremy Wortsman, Fushia Ohara and Charlotte Ghaie
Interview 4 - with Jeremy Wortsman and Meredith Forrester
Interview 5 - with Jeremy Wortsman and Kelly Thompson

7. Cooking with fresh ingredients from my garden

Pasta with fresh spinach from my garden
Garden 10 Spinach 01 Spinach 02
Lamb, Rosemary & Vegetable Pie Lamb & Rosemary Pie 02

8. Fantasising about tea parties with a human sized version of my dog friend Pommy...Pommy comes to tea 01 Pommy comes to tea 02

9. Kelly Walton's Tumblr

10. The hilariousness of my lover's excitement...
...over the Brisbane Roar's win at the Grand Final. He loves sport so much - see the raw passion! This makes me smile so much - I love this guy!
(He will probably kill me for posting this) We won!

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