Drawing Diary

I am trying to get myself into more of a regular drawing routine and have been trying a few things... Kind of like a visual diary.

1. Draw everything I buy :
I got this idea from Daniella Germain (illustrator) who did this to try and keep an eye on her spendings
2. Draw everything I make to eat/ or draw my recipes and ingredients
( I really like the idea of illustrating my own recipe book)
3. Draw what I wore for the day : I got this idea from Gemma Correll who made a competition for a book she is hoping to make!
4. Draw a thought of the day! I really enjoy the thoughts posted on Design is Mine - mostly typography based... I'd like to explore that a little more too!

So - this is my start! So far I have been mostly drawing pretty rough sketches... but it's a start!

1 comment:

Makoto said...

Hey Em! Love your water colour stuff. Oh man, you came just at the right time, even though it was raining. This week has been crazily freezing cold.:o I want to be in that giant cocoon of patchwork blanket!

... and the illustration below of your 100th liker is tops!