delicious, dreaming and drawing ...

Some daggy rough sketches from my sketch diary! Here is what I've been up to:

Menu Tuesday night:
Pork chops and roast veges
Put veges and pork chops in baking tray - rub with salt and oil. Cook around 20 mins - take pork out to avoid toughness if veges need more cooking!
Then when you are ready for the last 10 mins of cooking add turkish bread pieces, a tomato, some cranberry sauce and any greens you wish to add (and pork if you took it out) mix around and bake for another 10 mins. Can add a little red wine vinegar when done... or eat as it is with more cranberry sauce. I vary this depending on what meat or veges I have available... and I used cherry berry jam this time because I had no cranberry sauce... it was still ok. :S
Menu Wednesday night:
Tuna Pasta - I didn't draw this because it was so boring...

Dream Wednesday night:
I was doing an obstacle course/ race / treasure hunt. I had thrown out my paper plate which had the treasure hunt map on it, so I was struggling to find the clues.
I was climbing up scaffolding and jumping onto dangerous building ledges and swinging from scaffolding, climbing up old stair cases with red velvet carpet in a run down/construction site building. I woke up before I found the treasure.

Menu Thursday night:
Mandarin Juice, soda water and tequila cocktails
Deepfried dumplings
Rose and Vanilla tea
Hot Chocolate
Dream Thursday night:
I had a very bizarre experience where I was dreaming / walking to the bathroom at the same time. It was like a semi-conscious sleep walking experience.
I had all of these colours flashing past my face/as if I was walking into fast moving colours and objects in an outdoors foresty sort of setting. It was a massive head spin! But I made it to the bathroom and back to bed and it took me a really long time to come out of the dream properly!

Tonight:I am drinking night time tea - lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, etc...
Listening to the solo jazz piano bliss of Cyrus Chestnut
and drawing leaves... (You will see soon!)
For the upcoming exhibition in August I am thinking about:
relationships, sexuality, camouflage, masks, warriors and spirit animals.
Opening night Friday August 5th at Bleeding Heart Gallery in the city! Keep this night free!

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