New Website for Hannah Macklin

I have just finished making a new website for Hannah Macklin & The Maxwells. Hannah wanted to go with a bit of a super hero theme and had an idea for the navigation as a clothes line/washing scene with animated super hero costume items hanging from it. At first this boggled my mind! Then I talked to a friend who suggested putting in a flash banner for the buttons in the header. (I have put in a some little links down the bottom too just incase the users flash capabilities are crap or something)

I wanted to go with a Wordpress website so that Hannah could update her content easily without having to know much about html. I also got a great theme with great gallery capabilities and image slider on the home page. I edited the theme a fair bit. I found that Firebug was a really great resource as I could play around with the html and see what it would look like before actually putting it in and creating a disaster.

Anyway I would like to thank Paul Lalo, Steve Smith, Kat, Noelle Smith, Blue Host chat, firebug and a zillion forums for helping me work out how to put this website together!

I went to Hannah's album launch last night and it was a nice closure to the website - seeing them together launching their debut album! It was also my first day off in ages so I enjoyed a few beers, had a date with my lover and had lots of fun.

Here is the new website: http://www.hannahmacklin.com

Let me know if it takes too long to load or doesn't work well for you!


Leath said...

Brilliant Em. I poked and prodded and it came up tops.

I like the lighning-bolt undies.

Emily Nelson said...

Thanks Leath! glad there are no probs. :)