May markets - new work!

I have created some new work for the markets! I had a busy weekend at Winn Lane Markets and Suitcase Rummage Markets.
(I also sold some of my boyfriends t-shirts that he was going to get rid of... and maybe a little disappointed to say that it was a race between the t-shirts and my art work... and maybe the t-shirts won... haha)

I had some new wooden circles cut! and I would LOVE to get some more wooden shapes done. They are Queensland maple and Tasmanian pine. I'm really happy with them as opposed to my craft store bought bag of wooden love hearts that I usually use. I have sold a fair few different coloured birds, foods and fruit before taking the photos unfortunately.

I have 3 new greeting cards:
Cupcake man - based on a card I made for my friends birthday recently,
Sad clouds - I think this could make a nice "im sorry" or "get well" or "cheer up" card... , Celebration Warrior - a strange creature that could be a cat or bear or rabbit or seal... and is good for any occasion of celebration and happiness! I have also made this one into an A4 print and framed print!

And finally introducing my 2 new water colours:
Mysterious bird in disguise - water colour owl with pink feather mask, is it an eccentric lady? or is it just a flamboyant gentleman? or is it even a bird... it's at least a very mysterious creature!
Fox - he is in his den resting and pondering

You can also check out some of my new stuff at my online Shop! http://emilynelsonart.bigcartel.com/

Well i had lots of fun making all of my new work!
Now back to the grind of assignments!


Lauren said...

Everything looks great Emily! You've inspired me to get my butt back in to gear and get market-ing! I love your cupcake card, all of them actually - gorgeous textures

Ben Leon said...

totally like, esp grey indian bear

Emily Nelson said...

thanks guys! :)