Dear bloggers,
I'm sick... I have been for a few days... production is having hiatus and I am back to watching the Ellen show and laying around with my pommy. The day gets even more pathetic when I get to Ready Steady Cook... and when I watch that gameshow at night thats like a dating one and the women all play for a date with different men. Then I know it's all gone to crap. I've watched the first 3 episodes of the new season of Flight of the Conchords though. I'm enjoying it.
I cleaned my room massively to kill all germs... disinfected everything. Made some chocolate biscuits. Painted this kind of crap painting of frogs in water. My pineapple is dying. I bought some t-shirts on threadless to cheer myself up. I'll show you when they arrive. Anyway I have work tomorrow... So I probably wont paint. Maybe Friday. Does anyone know the name of a good burning program... where you make an animation into a DVD? Does your computer need special capabilities? Mine can make cds with nero...
ok well... that's all... feeling a bit miserable but will start up again on the weekend hopefully.
All the best to everyone.

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Leath said...

Hey Em,

I never knew someone could make a post about being sick so fun to read. I can see the ebbs and flows of your day from the other side of the country.

Also, I've tried a few programs to author DVD's - Adobe Encore seems to be one of the easiest to use but has a few less features :)