on the way to modelling train trips

Some More train pictures... these ones are mixed... I like the comp of the first one... even though i didnt like it at first...

below is the nundah tea shop... i had a raspberry black tea and Billie Holiday chugged away in the background... it was very nice...
I travelled out to Ipswich the other day for modelling... so naturally... (below) I had ALOT of time for drawing... I wish this old man would keep his head to the side... but I think he knes I was drawing him...

ok thats all... probably wont see many more of these style pics cause my pen is busted... as you can see in the very last three sketches ( I added them today to the ipswich pages) So either getting a new pen... or experimenting with a new medium... should colour some of these up on the computer... I want a new graphics tablet... anyway ... love emily


Makoto said...

Wow! This is way too cool!

So many posts!

loving your sketches emily! looks like your traveling a lot.The guy in the middle of your third page with sunnies is very cool :)

your lion mane man is looking really nice too. can't wait to see more :)


Sarasarasarato said...

You'll forbid the tears to slip,
You'll be-have, bite yo' lip,
And say "Hallo my darlin'", if we should meet again!

Love the sketches Em, they're beautiful.