hair do's OR dont's? :P

Hahahahahah... ahhhhh
hmm... kind of viney wall paper... to be worked on... i dunno... sigh... think the mane is getting better (even though you may not think so) it is maybe more in the style it needs to be... a little too girly... polished before... i think maybe this speaks more for the lion man... unless i could pull off the fur photograph... but i suck. i dunno im kind of liking this... but am fucking around too much right now... need to just lay back and look at it but not touch it for a while...


Jack said...

Hey thar, I liked the idea of a sketch blog so much I decided to steal it. Hope you don't mind!

I see what you mean now about the lions far away look he's got a kind of introspective thing going on now, which isn't a bad thing and the fur definitely looks furrier.

Leath said...

hey em. i really like this one. i'm not sure why exactly but its good. It somehow has a big 'Emily' stamp on it.

The sketch of the horn players is really cool to. They seem to sit together really well as a group. Kay would be proud!