hot prickling, ants, hairs and shadows

Getting a little bit panicked about the time I have left to get all of these frames done on the film!!
the hot prickling section is going ok I did some treatments and have finished animating. The music here is really whispery so I wanted to get just a fine light to represent the figures. I have inverted the animation and used a cc light burst tool in after effects... This makes the light rays splay out from a radius point in all of the white sections... giving it a bit of a 3D look and making it look like light rays.!
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Have made the hairs section... I went back to my test version and didnt really like the style of a back - to fit with the style of the film it needed to be a bit more grainy... so I made a few backs in photoshop using the cintiq and made a little back sequence loop in after effects. I also drew the hairs sequence in photoshop and then imported them into flash as graphic clips and placed them all over a test dummy back and then exported all the hairs and imported them into after effects.
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However, bit worried about the time limit I have to get everything done... Ive done the line tests and it fits with the msuic the scanning was really crappy because it put a smudged line across the tops of each page. Thought I could get the ants and shadows section done alot quicker. The ant section I made a movie clip of an ant walk cycle and made all the ants follow paths in photoshop and then will export as PNGs... however This isnt going as well... so will make a composition in after affects and work out how to make paths (as I bought a very cool book on after effects!)

also been working on the shadows section... i have done all of the still images for that (have not tested it with the music/animation yet)
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(This is the basic look of them all)

ok... stress stress stress!!! back to my schedule

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