Trying to make better use

Trying to make better use of the blog in 2nd Semester... as first semester most of my ideas did not make it online!
Over the holidays I have been pretty busy! At the start of the holidays visited Melbourne to the animation festival! and the other half of the holidays I went with my bigband on tour! We toured to Weipa, Innisfail, Babinda and I played trumpet and drank beer every day.
However, I did get a little bit of work done!
I was very excited to hear that the music for my film had progressed and was in the recording stages! I went to Tom Green's (the composer) house! and I got to listen to the music so far... which was really exciting! I was really happy that I had gotten a musician/composers perspective on my ideas because I wanted a fresh take on the music. As a composer Tom did alot of clever things and worked alot of symbolism into the music that I would not have been able to do! The music was a little faster then I had imagined, but again I was really happy to hear his perspective from all of my ideas and the images I had sent him! Also Clint Allen had recorded so I got to hear a sample of the trumpet part Tom wrote for Clint and also got to listen to a bit of the trumpet solo!
Tom and I then worked on the voice recording. As we had talked previously, Tom had said that it wouldnt matter about my tone of voice etc because he would change alot of it once in the computer, so I did the voice recording myself. Tom talked to me about how to talk into the microphone and got me to read my poem in a few different ways: spoken normally, yelled and whispered and then Tom got me to make a whole heap of different sounds like sighs, laughs, gasps etc that he would use as beats in the music. At this stage Tom was still putting alot of it together so I only got a bit of an idea about it!
But then I got a CD of the music mailed to me and have been working on x-sheeting and fitting a better story board to the music. The initial storyboard I gave Tom was just a rough idea of the images I might use and then the music helped me to come up with the new version.

Below is the new story board based on the ideas from Toms music and the x-sheet.

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