Time management & procrastinating

This week I've had a kick up the butt by my significant other. Bless him.
One phrase that stuck with me was, "You're better than this". Yes, I am better than this! hah! Thank you!
As well as a big discussion about my goals, fears, time management, skills and career options.
Geez, haven't you been reading my blog? I'm totes on it bebz! Or maybe I'm not.
This year is going so quickly!!! I need to pick up the pace and catch up.
Courageous Lion 04

So there is no better way to start this blog, than with an article on "The Art of Getting Things Done".
I read this article, ate breakfast, and got 3 things done. Huzzah!

But lets not forget the importance of animated gifs. Be careful not to get lost in the abyss.
This blog is just really funny: WHAT SHOULD WE CALL ME

Fireworks & Crazy Cat
cat sparkles

These are just beautiful & interesting - taken from: IF WE DON'T, REMEMBER ME. Can you guess which movies they are from? Roll over with your mouse for the Answer.
Sedmikrásky (1966)
Alien (1979)
Lolita (1962)
Pulp Fiction (1994)
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)
Gentlemen Broncos (2009)

Here are two articles on the struggles of freelancing.
The first is an opinion piece by illustrator Kelly Thompson: RIP IT UP AND START AGAIN
AND a response article by Lauren Winter of Blooming Leopold

One can also get easily distracted and deeply involved in talking to your best friend about whales, foxes, dogs and dolphins. "I love whales, I love foxes, I love dolphins, you love dogs, you love whales, I love whales too, dolphins, foxes, whales." Sometimes we get so intense about animal conversations, that we get lost in our own magical animal world and forget about what's going on around us. I think this is what it could look like:
When Erin & I have a conversation
I'm really obsessed with water colours at the moment. I guess because the result is so quick. I just love playing, experimenting, mixing and blocking out colours. These are all quick rough water colour sketches that take about 15mins each.

Saturday I went to my first ever baby shower.
Pregnant bellies are amazing and magical.
I made blue cupcakes and a nesting birds card to accompany a very cute 'Spot' the Dog toy.
Baby Shower Card
Baby Shower Cupcakes 03
Baby Shower Cupcakes 01

Remember this?

This is what my studio looks like at the moment:
My studio area is a closed in veranda/sunroom and is surrounded by windows and great natural light! Since Christmas my studio has merged into a studio/dining room. It's probably time to move the kitchen table back into the kitchen, except that I love having two tables to work on! (We mostly eat dinner in front of the TV anyway! )
I like spreading myself out with water colours and paints and sketch books on one table, this table also has great lighting for photographing my work. On the other table I have my laptop, scanner & wacom tablet (and less glare on the laptop screen) for when I want to work digitally. I can roll between the two tables! Or roll my chair to the lounge room & say hello to my lover.
My Studio
When things get painterly, papery & pencily
When things get digital

Here's a silly unicorn following its dreams.
Follow Your Dreams Unicorn

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